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  • Federal Court Defends UAEM Potrobús from Legal Challenge

  • Olvera García said that the ruling means Potrobús will continue to operate

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27 of September 2016 14:37:13

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) has demonstrated in a federal court that the Potrobús transportation system does not compete with the bus system of the Toluca Valley, because its only aim is to provide transportation to UAEM students in need, said UAEM rector Jorge Olvera García.Transportation organizations have brought multiple legal challenges against the Potrobús, but Olvera García said that overall the Potrobus is coming out ahead. Of the six challenges brought against the bus service, four have already been dismissed and only two remain unresolved.Olvera García said that the latest challenge to be resolved was related to the Tocula, Tlachaloya and Ramales transportation company, against the Potrobús University School Transportation System. The district judge ruled that the procedures that allow the Potrobús to circulate and provide transportation services do not violate the rights of the plaintiff. Therefore the judge dismissed the case and ruled that the Potrobús could not be sanctioned.Olvera García said that the ruling means Potrobús will continue to operate and that this is the fourth legal ruling in favor of the university transportation system.[caption id="attachment_36663" align="alignleft" width="1024"]Photo: Courtesy of UAEM Photo: Courtesy of UAEM[/caption]

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