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  • 'El Chapo's' Partner Files Complaint with CNDH

  • Guzmán Loera says he was tortured in prison

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Nacho Ruíz

26 of October 2016 15:16:49

A medical examination shows that Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera has physical signs suggesting he has been subjected to ill-treatment or torture during his prison stay. The investigation was conducted this past August.The document notes that Guzmán Loera suffers from "general anxiety disorder and mild neurocognitive disorder," as well as auditory hallucinations, disorientation, loss of short term memory and headaches.Psychiatrist Julio César Ayuzo González, who reviewed Guzmán Loera says: "These symptoms have been partially alleviated with the administration of Triazolam (benzodiazepine with anxiolytic); however, prolonged use is not recommended. And it is suggested he be seen by psychiatrists for these disorders."Guzmán Loera's partner, Ema Coronel, filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) to report suspected maltreatment. She is sure that his mental and physical health is in danger. The report cites Guzmán Loera's words. "Since my arrest in Almoloya everything has turned into hell. Every four hours I was awoken,” he says. “There are always guards watching me who do no let me sleep. The light in my cell is always turned on. Even when I went to the bathroom, there was someone on guard. I’ve never suffered from constipation, but since I’ve been here I’ve had problems. Even when I’m showering there is someone watching."The report explains that Guzmán Loera said: "They have not beaten me, but I would prefer that to not sleeping or this psychological torture. The pain from a beating goes away, but this torture is deteriorating my health."

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