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  • Deputies Receive Holiday Bonuses

  • Chamber of Deputies announces holiday bonuses

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Saúl López

28 of November 2016 15:54:46

In the coming days, each of the 500 deputies will receive 140,000 pesos ($6,783) as part of their holiday bonuses, representing a total expenditure of 70 million pesos.Each popular representative receives a net monthly allowance of 73,817 pesos, as well as 45,786 pesos per attendance of a legislative meeting and 28,772 pesos for citizens' care, totaling 148,375 pesos per month. With the bonus received this December, the monthly allowance will total about 290,000 pesos.For National Regeneration Movement (Morena) deputy Ariel Juárez, the bonus is ridiculous. Although he added that the bonus they receive is proportional to their monthly salaries.What remains to be known is whether the deputies of the eight parliamentary groups and two independent groups will receive an additional Christmas bonus, which last year, according to the Citizen's Movement, was 300,000 pesos through subsidies that they returned.Additionally, deputies receive 2,780 pesos a month in pantry vouchers and a food coupon of 170 pesos per day for a congressional session, valid only in the two restaurants that operate on the premises of the legislative district of San Lázaro.In addition to the end-of-year bonuses, they have Health Insurance for Seniors (which 80 members of the Citizen Movement and Morena have declined and amounts to 6.5 million pesos), a savings fund (similar to a 401k), as well as a Life Insurance and funeral expenses equivalent to up to one month of salary.

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