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The News
Friday 15 of October 2021

Cozumel Celebrates Friendship Day

Quintana Roo Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo assures people of Cozumel that good times are approaching

Quintana Roo Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo met more than 5,000 people in Cozumel Wednesday in honor of Friendship Day.

The governor, accompanied by Cozumel Mayor Freddy Marrufo Martín and Federal Deputy José Luis Toledo Medina, assured the city’s residents that he will continue to work toward improving living conditions for everyone in Quintana Roo.

“I can feel positive vibes coming from you and all of Cozumel. I feel very happy to be here with you,” said Borge.

“New times are approaching for Cozumel. They will be good times, but there needs to be hard work … I want to congratulate and thank everyone for the help and support you have given me as governor. It has enabled me to do my job well,” he said.

Borge added that Cozumel is a city of hard-working, united people.

“I always enjoy coming here. I love being with my people in Cozumel,” said the governor.

Marrufo also thanked the governor for all the good work he has done for Cozumel during his administration, and urged the city’s population to continue work in order to help Cozumel develop.

“I am delighted that we are all here, united in friendship,” he said.