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Friday 05, June 2020
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August and September Could Bring Heavier Rain to Mexico City

Though this year's rains have not broken the 2005 record, heavy rains usually occur in August and September
By The News · 14 of July 2017 09:29:56
Polanco suffered flooding in August and September this year, No available, photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón

The recent rains in Mexico City may not have been quite as strong as those in 2005, some 12 years ago, but there could be an intensification in August and September.

“If the weather conditions are correct at that time we are likely to see more rain, but cannot give an exact date of when this will happen, though the heaviest rains rains are usually in August and September,” said meteorologist Martín Téllez.

He noted that the rains this year in Mexico City have not exceeded the record level. In 2005, there was a record of 119 liters of rainwater per square meter.

This year the maximum recorded value has been 98.5 liters of rainfall per square meter, which fell at the end of May, said the National Meteorological Service official (SMN).

“As these rains have occurred, there has been a significant change in effect, but this is due to different factors like urban growth and other meteorological factors,” he said.

Iván Santiago Marcelo