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The News
  • Apartment Explosion Leaves Three Injured in Monterrey

  • Civil Protection determines gas accumulation to be cause


10 of March 2016 13:01:02

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon – An explosion, caused by gas accumulation, occurred Thursday in and apartment in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood, burning three people.Civil Protection authorities, firefighters and Monterrey Green Cross paramedics arrived at the scene on Avenida Penitenciaría to attend to people harmed in the event.Zimbrón Osorio, 27 years old; Osvaldo Soluna, 35 years old, and Jesús Velasco, 69 years old, received first and second degree burns and were transported to Hospital Universitario.Additionally, two people were attended to after suffering nervous breakdowns.Civil Protection staff determined gas accumulation to be the principal cause of the explosion.


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