The News
The News
  • Alleged Robbers are Lynched in Puebla, One Dies in Hospital

  • 32-year-old Pedro Alexander Regalado Paz died


01 of March 2016 09:39:59

[caption id="attachment_2815" align="alignright" width="300"]Chapulco_en_Puebla.svg Chapulco is a small municipality of the state of Puebla. Photo:[/caption]The Puebla State Governance Secretariat announced that public police arrived to the municipality of Chapulco because a group of citizens had retained three suspected robbers. The three alleged criminals were injured, as the citizens had beaten them.The police dissuaded the citizens from lynching the alleged criminals. One of them, 32-year-old Pedro Alexander Regalado Paz, was taken by the police to a hospital in the Tehuacán area, but died minutes after arriving.

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