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  • Air Quality in the State of Mexico

  • High air quality recorded in the Valley of Mexico

, photo: Wikimedia/Fidel González

15 of August 2016 15:21:47

This Monday the Valley of Mexico woke up to high air quality, with the exception of the northeast, where a high of 74 was recorded on the Metropolitan Air Quality Index (Imeca), according to the Department of Atmospheric Monitoring.The municipalities of Ecatepec and Coacalco are the most polluted in the State of Mexico, registering at 74 and 51 Imeca respectively.The Mexico City Environment Secretariat suggests that all those who are sensitive to pollution limit their time outdoors.High air quality was recorded in the rest of the region with 50 Imeca in the Northwest, 49 in the center, 33 in the Southwest and 48 in the Southeast.

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