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The News
  • Activists Symbolically Close Borough Offices in Protest

  • Following a much criticized raid on alleged sex workers the Miguel Hidalgo borough faces protests for its actions


22 of March 2016 13:01:19

20160322111535Activists from the Miguel Hidalgo borough carried out a symbolic closing of the borough offices, as a protest against the raid undertaken las week by Miguel Hidalgo city manager Arne Aus den Ruthen, who attempted to take two women before the civic judge for alleged prostitution in the Anzures neighborhood.The raid has been the subject of strong criticism for its perceived stigmatization of women.During the protest the activists accused borough president Xochitl Gálvez of discrimination and being transgender phobic.The closure of the borough offices, according to a release shared by the National Coalition of Merchants for Justice and Social Equality, is meant to be a symbolic act to denounce that Arne aus den Ruthen acted with powers he does not possess in his attempt to take alleged sex workers before the Civic Judge.The head of the coalition, Diana Sánchez Barrios, and activists carried out the protest.[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]


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