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Monday 02 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Sunrise in Morelos,photo: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruíz
Sunrise in Morelos,photo: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruíz
A New Year brings new creative energies

At the beginning of this week, Venus moves into Pisces, sparking creative and artistic energies. Start the new year off on your best foot, and although imaginations will be running wild, make sure not to get stuck in a dreamy haze.


Valentine’s Day comes early for you this year, Aries. Love is in the air, so make sure to make the most of it by scheduling some interesting activities with your significant other(s). This might be the week to finally visit Lago Menor and rent a kayak for a romantic day.


These next few weeks will also bring romantic vibes for you. However, these energies are light and airy; avoid getting too serious with any of your many suitors. Play Penelope in Chapultepec Castle and keep things mysterious and friendly. Your special someone may not come around until next month.


You should probably journal in Rio de Janeiro park. You’ll find that allowing yourself some time with your thoughts will bring you much clarity in the coming weeks.


Chuck all responsibility out the window. This next week is an extended vacation for you and is much needed. Cravings for adventure and relaxation will only be appeased by a long trip out of the city. Just make sure you bring along someone who you’re used to traveling with; you might be staying in Guanajuato for much longer than expected.


Love for you this month means partnership. Your available time is little, so make sure you reserve it for someone worth your time. You can’t be running back and forth across Reforma for just anybody.


Some relationship anarchy will be rearranging people in your life. Although a partner might seem fun in the short term, you’ll gain much more from having close friends spread out across the city that you can eat tortas and be vulnerable with.


You’re all about balance, so instead of jumping into something with that charming someone from Cuauhtémoc, try taking the next few weeks for bike rides through Chapultepec and solo tequila dates. Focusing your time on yourself might teach you a lesson you’ve long been avoiding.


Your week starts with experimenting with recipes and ends with relationship experimenting. An orthodox relationship is probably not what you want or need right now, so cast your net wide and be open to catching things that at first glance may not look appealing. Whatever happens, make sure you’re honest with everyone and try not to keep your friends in the dark.


Apparently, your nesting paid off. Now your home is the only place you want to spend time in and you’ve been putting off social and professional obligations for weeks. Now you’re behind on everything and need rich Oaxaca coffee to get things going again.


This might be the week that you work out that beef with your friend who lives in Icatepec. They’ve been waiting for your call for a while and will most likely listen to your apology even if they don’t offer one in return. This is all you can ask for at this point.


That friend from eighth grade has been floating around in your mind recently. Call them up and catch up. Spare no details. Tell them about your new apartment and your cat’s infections.


You’re way too up in everyone’s business. Take a step back, make some gorditas, and relax on your own.