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Tuesday 02 of March 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

The sun rises in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas
The sun rises in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas
Get ready for a Gemini full moon

Gemini full moon comes hurtling into your sphere this week. This means something different for everyone but watch out for Sagittarius Sun getting in sync with Uranus in Aries.


You’re looking for change this week. Whether this means a change of scenery (maybe a trip to Tulum?), or a change in life direction, this week you’ll be confronted with innumerable options. Prepare yourself for a surprise and be open to new things.


Urgent feelings will have you looking inwards. Usually one of habit and consistency, you may need to prepare yourself for conversations or thoughts that might seem to come out of left field. Sit and take the time to organize your emotions, perhaps by writing, but maybe by hanging out at the Mariachi expo at Garibaldi and drinking some micheladas.


Tuesday brings the full moon in Gemini, which means your usual charismatic and effervescent self will get an explosion of energy. Don’t wait until the weekend to take charge and plan something for your comrades. This week means you in the lead — take people to a new part of the city and show them your favorite barbacoa joint.


Lots of work to be done this week, Cancer. But the end is in sight! Find a quiet place, maybe one of the city’s many beautiful libraries or a calm cafe and devote your time to finishing those projects you’ve been working on so that you can spend your holidays in peace.


Your confidence can sometimes be taken the wrong way, and this week you may have to confront some of the opposition. Argumentative Leo, you’re used to defending your ideas so this is nothing new. Just make sure when you’re asserting yourself you don’t drown out the voices around you.


You’re looking for intimacy, either with your friends, family, or a significant other. You want to bring them in closer, just make sure you don’t close yourself off to new potential friendships. Make some one-on-one time with your people and maybe take your roomie to a new mercado in the south.


Your natural charisma and magnetic tendencies are bringing everyone to your circle this week. That trip you planned to MUAC now seems overcrowded with your friends. Don’t panic, there will be other weekends to see everyone and you should focus on your own mental health and comfort.


Head to the risks. This is the time to put all your cards on the table. Usually, your instincts keep you protective and cautious. Now that La Purisima has been shut down, its time for your to try something new.


You tend to move through the world on your own and trust your own opinions and tastes. However, this week will find you in the presence of others, using partnership to propel you into new worlds. You’ll finally have someone else to share your torta with.


It seems that you’ve recently been putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to pack everything into the last few weeks of the year. Sometimes you can be exceptionally hard on yourself and cause yourself undergo pressure and stress. Perhaps these next few weeks you can schedule in some long walks through the city or schedule that trip to Tamaulipas you’ve been toying with for months.


Sometimes you just can’t keep your mouth closed. You know it, everyone around you knows it. So instead of being nosy at the holiday party in Museo Tamayo, hang back and meet new people.


This week you feel ambitious and innovative. You’re reserving all your socializing for the following week. Instead of going to another gallery opening in Juárez, you’re staying at home to work on all your crazy projects with your cat, Vaca.