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Tuesday 03 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Sunrise in Monterrey,photo: Cuartoscuro/Gabriela Pérez Montiel
Sunrise in Monterrey,photo: Cuartoscuro/Gabriela Pérez Montiel
Crossing boundaries and opening doors in this new moon

On Tuesday a new moon moves into Sagittarius which means taking down all those walls, and crossing boundaries. Overlook any internal resistance; challenging perceived risks will bring rewards in the future.


Did you notice how every year on Reforma, the city replaces the summer flowers with marigolds for Day of the Dead and then with poinsettias for Christmas (wasting the city thousands of dollars each year)? You probably haven’t. And your lack of perception means it’s probably time to take a break from the city so you can return with fresh eyes. See you in a week!


Where will you go this holiday season? To visit your family in a different country, to visit your friend who is roughing it in Oaxaca and hasn’t showered in a few months, or maybe your sister who is raising her family in Texas and needs you to stop wearing your tongue ring in front of the kids. Whatever you choose, your will surely give them your undivided attention and have some serious bonding time, so make sure to choose wisely.


You’ve spent way too much time at the Cineteca for your own good these days and the light burns your eyes when you go back into the daylight. You’ve been ignoring your relationships and treating your friends in not-so-nice ways, but I guess the universe will reward your selfishness anyways with some much-needed Gemini partnership in the upcoming weeks.


You’re already sickened by all the holiday decorations that are drowning out the natural beauty of the city and filling it with consumerist hedonism. You’ve never been a purist, but in response, you turn inward and focus on your personal health, both spiritually and physically. The smog is insufferable or else you would venture outdoors. Instead, you burn incense and stare at the wall in hopes of meditating.


Little Leo needs some rest. You socially outdid yourself at last week’s Thanksgiving celebrations and you’re not even from the States! But that’s how you roll, making sure you’re center stage at all the functions you attend. Instead focus on your partnership, which we know is so rare for you. Take a friend to the Franz Mayer museum and show your loved one you care. You may need to call on them in the coming weeks.


Where is your head? You’ve been all over the place and need rest. Spend time in Under the Volcano books and find something that will ground you. No need for crazy self-help, Oprah-recommended books.


Effusive vibrations, flirtations and meeting new people! You might find yourself in Covadonga; while it may be reminiscent of Soviet times, it gets packed in there on a Thursday night. Make sure you delete all the sketch photos the next morning …


It seems you’ve let your financials slide a bit these days, dear Scorpio. However, it’s not too late to get your accounts in shape before the holiday season. Maybe cut back this weekend and find some low-budget ways to relax. Walk in one of the many parks. Steal your neighbor’s student ID and go to a museum for free!


A new moon in Sagittarius means new things are coming your way and fresh starts replace stale ends. But take this time to direct your energies into the right vessels. Maybe this means a dream board or some intense journaling. Whatever it is, your heart needs to be in the right place before you start making huge decisions. The next time we see you, you could be blonde!


You need to assess your relationships and have some serious conversations about what you need in your life right now. You’re too quick to equate this with giving up, or letting in. but sometimes energy put into the wrong person is just wasted energy. Don’t be afraid to walk away and say goodbye.


Social time. This might mean getting the old crew together, or finding a new one to enjoy your next few weeks with. Take them to Coyoacán and spend time in the Octavio Paz library or the Vívero Coyoacán. Don’t overshare.


Your professional energies from last week are still being unraveled. Perhaps you set your eyes on a new goal or met some new people. There are some new things are in the mix that might require a new bottle of tequila.