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Monday 02 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Sunrise in Tijuana,photo: Cuartoscuro/Christian Serna
Sunrise in Tijuana,photo: Cuartoscuro/Christian Serna
Creative energies are coming your way. Make sure you're channeling them in the right direction

There is a new moon next Monday. This means this week brings introspection and healing. Be attentive and present in all your projects.


This week is all about collaboration. Hopefully, you spent last week taking a bit of time to yourself, but this week means putting aside differences to work with people who have an approach that differs from yours. Leave your neighborhood and find new spaces to work in — head over to Biblioteca Vasconcelos. New changes in scenery will give you new ideas for collaboration.


Don’t get too ahead of yourself this week. You’re in the oldest city of the Americas and sometimes you have to revere the years that lie beneath your feet. The city has its own agenda and forgetting to respect it by littering or moving past things too urgently will bring you bad luck for the rest of the week. Tread through it like a soft hillside and participate in something new.


It seems you need a change of scenery. Mexico City’s smog is clouding your vision and you might feel like you need to get out for a bit so you can stay dynamic. You feel an unceasing surge of motivation and creativity but make sure you channel it in the right direction.


Sometimes you feel like you are no longer the driver of your life, but rather a witness on the margins. Decisions that you made years ago continue to play themselves out in tired ways and it seems that you could continue in this job, relationship, apartment, etc. for years more. Figure out the difference between ‘content’ and ‘complacent’. If you find you’re moving too far in the direction of the latter, perhaps it’s time for you to try something new. Maybe this means going to the new bar in Juárez, maybe it means moving to a different continent. Be warned, if you don’t find a way to challenge yourself, the universe will blindside you.


You’re a lion. But you’re a sensitive lion. Protect your ego and don’t try to fight with the old lady that pulls up too close to the crosswalk. She will win.


I know you see this election is dashing all your hopes for a socialist future. Do not fret. Community can be built on the ground, and disillusion with the neoliberal win does not mean you need to bury yourself in your bed. There are things to do, Marxist futures to be made. So pour yourself a glass of mezcal and find your friends.


You’re so far from those you love. Looking out at you in the ocean they can’t tell if you’re drowning or waving. You should call them and let them know how you’re feeling and that your Flamenco classes are going well.


It’s time for you to move. You’re trying to start an urban commune. Instead you go to UNAM’s Justo Sierra auditorium and hang out there. I’m not sure this is a good idea but the universe will tell you soon. 


You may feel you need to speak your mind, but be careful and remember tact. Seemingly innocuous thoughts could actually lead to some real discomfort.


You’ve got a lot of drive, things will be happening this week with lots of motivation but not so much inspiration. Maybe try to hang out at Museo Tamayo to get your creative energies flowing.


Address your prayers to the morning winds, to the new moons, to purple sunrises. But once it’s out there, let it go. You’re weighing yourself down and all of your friends. If you don’t stop complaining to them, they’ll go to Oaxaca without you. 


Give yourself over, Pisces. This means getting up and starting over. You’ve been spending so much time inside watching the telenovela that is the U.S. election that you’ve missed out on all the fanfare of Day of the Dead and Daylight Savings Time! Take this week to say yes to all things thrown your way.