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Tuesday 03 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Trees during sunset in Sinaloa,photo: Cuartoscuro/Rashide Frias
Trees during sunset in Sinaloa,photo: Cuartoscuro/Rashide Frias
We are now in Scorpio season

The Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio — it’s Scorpio season. Be open but remain wary of the options you’re presented with. Don’t get too overzealous. This week is about desire and romance, but make sure to keep things interesting and not fall for the first person you’re presented with.

Again, you’ll be receiving a lot of attention this week, Aries. But what’s new? Just make sure you prioritize yourself and don’t spread yourself too thin. This might be the weekend to take that long solo walk through UNAM’s campus or get away for a day trip. Put your phone on silent and try to tune out and into yourself.

Stay creative. Whether you’re already in a partnership or are looking for that special someone, this week will demand a little more thinking. But don’t overplan, be spontaneous and say yes when your friends ask you to go to Xochimilco and veg.

You’ve realized a lot about yourself recently. You realized you never ever want to go back to that warehouse bar in Polanco (it will remain unnamed). You realized you hate khaki, and that you absolutely need a cat. Go find your cat friend.

You’ve spent all of October dreaming. At this point you’re almost completely out of touch with reality. You imagine the sauce on your tacos al pastor has special powers and is tainting your insides. It’s probably indigestion.

This week is about you and your body. Treat yourself like you’re your own partner and take care of all the voices that you’ve been silencing for the last few weeks. Go to Mercado Medellín, load up on veggies and fruits and spend the weekend cooking. Make yourself an avocado face mask and put aside your protestant work ethic for a nice movie marathon. Your rest this week will give you more energy for the feminist zine fest at La Gozadera next week.

You just moved to Cuauhtémoc. Or, you didn’t just move. Either way, stay home this weekend and take time to write out your thoughts.

Social butterfly! You often put people’s needs in front of your own. But your soul needs healing, wreaked by Halloween candy heartburn. However, this week is not about the individuating and atomizing forces of capitalism, it’s about gaining strength so that you can better support your community next week. This means don’t splurge on mezcal and barhopping this weekend. Skip Bahia Bar. Spend your weekend opening up to anyone who will listen. The mini therapy sessions will do you well.

Channel Winona Ryder. And then go to Bahia Bar on Friday for Smoothie Tunes. Find your Johnny Depp.

You’ve been running around like a pollito with its head cut off full speed at absolutely everything you’re putting your energy into. Sure, you’ve been getting things done. But it has come at the cost of the quality of your work. This week try to move in slow-motion and focus on giving your tasks unwavering attention.

This week may not bring everything you were looking for. But end the week on a high note and bike on Reforma this Sunday for Muevéte en Bici. Your bad luck may continue into the weekend so be sure to wear a helmet.

You haven’t read a book in a while. Why don’t you pick up some Bolaño, learn about the city and chill for a moment.

This week, work on being present. Stop and take a look at the marigolds (or mums, I’m not completely sure) on Reforma in Chapultepec. When your friend introduces you to a new person, remember their name. So many things have been coming towards you these past few weeks, you’ve been feeling a bit of a sensory overload, not that this insane city helps. But if you can tune out the noise, the food smells, the yelling people, the vendors and your roommates, your next few weeks will reward you with a clear head and a bit of peace.