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Wednesday 05 of October 2022

UAEM recognizes Enrique A. Enríquez

UAEM Reconoce
UAEM Reconoce

For the activity that developed as a constituent during the formation of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States of 1917, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico recognized Enrique A. Enríquez, who was director and teacher of the then Scientific and Literary Institute, antecedent of this house of studies.

As part of this tribute, in the “Lic. Benito Juárez “of the Rectory Building, was presented the reissue of the book of its authorship, constitutional and historical issues, an academic approach to the constitutions of 1814, 1857 and 1917.

The reissue of the book was a coordinated effort by the 59th Local Legislature, the 63rd Federal Legislature and the UAEM to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Political Constitution of 1857.

The presentation of the book was headed by the rector of the UAEM, Alfredo Barrera Baca; the son of the honoree, Carlos Enríquez Escallón; the general director of the Center of Studies of Law and Parliamentary Investigations of the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union, Sadot Sánchez Carreño; as well as the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Mexiquense Congress, Cruz Juvenal Roa Sánchez, and the head of the Human Rights Commission of the entity, Jorge Olvera García.

Alfredo Barrera explained that the reedition of the book pays tribute to an eminent Toluca in its many facets of public performance or teaching, but it is also an opportunity to rescue literature of undoubted contributions to the understanding of contemporary Mexico.

“Constitutional and historical issues remind us that ours is a nation built by the will of a people capable of surviving cataclysms and adversities of all kinds, thanks to the solidity of its foundations and institutions, such as the ideological principles of our Constitution. institutions like the Mexican public university, “said Barrera.

Meanwhile, Enríquez Escallón thanked the tribute to his father and recalled the contributions made to the Constitution of 1917, to intervene in the formation and drafting of constitutional articles 44, which legislates on the territorial division of the country and 115, on municipal autonomy.

In coincidence, Jorge Olvera García and Cruz Juvenal Roa Sánchez highlighted the work that Toluqueño had in shaping what we now know as contemporary Mexico.

Enríque A. Enriquez was born in the city of Toluca on July 15, 1887. He was a lawyer, a soldier in the service of justice, a diplomat, a writer and an institute. Some of his contributions to the Magna Carta are registered when as a young deputy in the Constitutional Congress of 1917 and with nationalist ideology and social sensitivity, influences the preparation of article 27 and the debates of articles 33 and 115 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. He died, in Mexico City, on March 22, 1961.