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Saturday 28 of May 2022

Los Almendros Hosts Oaxacan Food Fest

Enchiladas de tasajo,photo: Wikipedia
Enchiladas de tasajo,photo: Wikipedia
The Oaxacan food fest will last through the end of July


The Los Almendros restaurants are best known for its traditional Yucatecan cuisine, but all this month, the chain and its subsidiaries — La Destilería, La Fonda Mexicana and La Calle — will be showcasing the best of Oaxacan gastronomy.

In a special menu developed in cooperation with some of the southwestern Mexican state’s most renowned chefs, Los Almendros will celebrate the Zapotec and Mixtec cookery heritage of one of the most culturally diverse and historically important regions of the country.

The menu encompasses a variety of traditional Oaxacan favorites, including the state’s premiere delicacy, turkey breast in black mole sauce, as well as several lesser-known specialties such as fried pork in epazote (wormseed) sauce.

For starters, there are Istmo de Tehuantepec-style ceviche with habanero and chipotle chilies bathed in passion fruit juice and pork empanadas with nopal cactus and fresh Oaxacan cheese.

And for dessert, the chefs at Los Almendros have developed a rich chocolate and banana layer cake with fresh cream and strawberries.

To accompany all this, Los Almendros is also offering a selection of mezcal cocktails developed with the Mezcal Unión brand.

Oaxacan-style breakfasts are also being offered at the company’s two chains that are open in the morning, Los Almendros and La Fonda Mexicana.

The Oaxacan food fest will last through the end of July.