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The News
Wednesday 10 of August 2022

The Interconnectivity of Bluetooth

Image of the bluetooth logo,photo: Wikimedia
Image of the bluetooth logo,photo: Wikimedia
We explore the different ways to get the best out of your bluetooth devices


Far away are the days when Bluetooth didn’t work correctly or when there weren’t any gadgets available to use it with. Here at The News we’ll show you the benefits of Bluetooth and just how well it can actually work.

We live in a world where sometimes multitasking is a must. We need to be able to do more than one thing at a time, and that is exactly where Bluetooth products come in. Nowadays there are multiple options for Bluetooth. There are printers, watches, electronics, cars accessories, etc. We’re going to look at the best options where Bluetooth is involved.

Cars: This one of course depends on the model, brand and year of your car. But for the most part, nowadays they all have some kind of interconnectivity with your phone. Some of them just allow you to make phone calls, while others allow you to play your music while driving. This feature is one everyone should use as it decreases the chances of texting and driving (which is extremely dangerous) and nothing cures road rage like listening to your favorite tunes.

Computer Accessories: These ones have been around for a very long time. They can range from computer mouses to printers. They have definitely improved as time goes on. And let’s face it, having the bluetooth (or wireless) on your printer turned on means that you don’t even have to be in the same room as the printer. Which makes everything easier (especially if you tend to loose the cables).

Headphones: Of course the shining jewel of bluetooth nowadays are the headphones. No matter where you look every single company that sells headphones has come out with bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones are all the rage and there’s a reason for that. The sound from them is wonderful, most of the time they come with a microphone (which means you can answer a call or use them for recording reasons) and best of all? They are tangle free. And we all hate when we have to spend five minutes untangling our headphones. The only problem with them is the need to charge them but that is minor compared to it’s advantages.

Bluetooth is here to stay and little by little it’s making our lives easier one gadget at a time.