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The News
  • Seven Companies win Electricity Auction

  • Mexican and foreign companies were among the winners


29 of March 2016 15:11:20

[caption id="attachment_9647" align="alignleft" width="300"]60328114. México, 28 Mar. 2016 (Notimex-Especial).- El día de hoy los participantes de la primera subasta eléctrica de largo plazo entregaron sus ofertas económicas al Centro Nacional de Control de Energía, entidad responsable de la organización e implementación de la subasta. NOTIMEX/FOTO/ESPECIAL/COR/EBF/ Photo: Notimex[/caption]Eleven offers from seven businesses won the first long-term electricity auction in Mexico, which will account for 85.66 percent of the country’s energy, and 85,3 percent of Clean Energy Certificates (CELs), creating a supply of 3,817,892,525 pesos.According to the National Energy Control Center (Cenace) 5,385.72 gigawatt-hours of energy, as well as 5,426,458 CELs were purchased.Five hundred megawatts of power will be auctioned in the next stage.The winning businesses were Recurrent Energy Mexico Development, Parque Eólico Reynosa III, Sunpower Systems México, Energía Renovable del Istmo II, Enel Green Power, Gestamp Wind México II and Alten Energía Renovables México Cinco.Three projects by the Italian company Enel were selected, which will produce 249,947 gigawatt-hours of energy and 2,249,947 CELs in exchange for 508,189,482 pesos.Two projects by Alten Energía Renovables México Cinco will produce 367,936 gigawatt-hours of energy and 585,731 CELs in exchange for 310,018,341 pesos.Two projects by Energía Renovable del Istmo II will produce 585,731 gigawatt-hours of energy and 585,731 CELs in exchange for 434,699,411 pesos.Recurrent Energy Mexico Development will produce 140,970 gigawatt-hours of energy and 140,970 CELs in exchange for 116,936,169.19 pesos.Parque Eólico Reynosa III will produce 1,617.376 gigawatt-hours of energy and 140,970 CELs in exchange for 234,115,193.6 pesos.Sunpower Systems Mexico will produce 269.155 gigawatt-hours of energy and 263,815 CELs in exchange for 204,932,823 pesos.Gestamp Wind México will produce 154.6 gigawatt-hours of energy and 154,600 CELs for 1,106.68 pesos.

Roberto Noguez

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