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Monday 29 of November 2021

Quick and Easy Way to Make Ringtones for your iPhone

Photo of an iPhone on top of a Mac Laptop,photo: Pixabay
Photo of an iPhone on top of a Mac Laptop,photo: Pixabay
We give you a small tutorial on how to use iTunes to make ringtones for your phone


Have you ever wanted to have your favorite song as your phone’s ringtone? Thankfully nowadays you can find almost any song on iTunes or other services where you can buy the song and have it downloaded directly to your phone. But what if you don’t have the money to spend on one, or you can’t find the song you’d like or you find the song but the excerpt is not the one you want?

Well thankfully there’s a way to create your own ringtone for free and here at the News we’ll show you how it’s done.*

*This is directed towards iPhone users and iTunes is necessary, so make sure you have your iTunes updated to the latest version.

Step 1: Choose your Song

Pick the song you’d like to use for your ringtone from your iTunes library. Remember that ringtones can last up to 30 seconds so choose wisely.

Step 2: Crop the Song

Okay you’ve got your song chosen. Now what? You right click your song and go to Get Info then you go to Options. There’s two spots that say Start and Stop. Write down the start and stop times that you’ve chosen and then click OK.

Photo shows how and where to input the start and stop times on iTunes. Photo: The News

Step 3: Convert to AAC

AAC format has the same sound quality as an MP3, but it uses a lot less storage space. So it works better for making as many ringtones as you’d like. With your song selected, go to File, Convert to AAC and the song will appear (with the duration you chose) underneath the original song.

Step 4: Copy, Delete and Change

You now have to drag the AAC file to your desktop (or to a particular folder if you’d like). At this point you can do the Get Info process on the original song to get it back to it’s original duration (Just repeat the movements in Step 2 and uncheck where it says Start/Stop).

Since you’ve dragged the AAC file to another location you can now delete it from iTunes. Now go to the file on your desktop and click on the name. Then change the extension from .m4a to .m4r and when it asks you if you want to change, pick .m4r.

Drag it back to iTunes and in the drop-down menu go to Tones. There you should find your new ringtone. All that is left is to sync with your device as you normally would.

There you have it, a new ringtone and you didn’t even have to spend a cent.