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  • International Virtual Reality Festival to be Held in Mexico City

  • The VR Fest Mx will be held on Aug. 26 and 27 in Foro Indie Rocks in the Roma Norte neighborhood

, photo: The News/Guillermo Verduzco

22 of August 2016 11:28:19


Virtual reality devices are beginning to position themselves as the technology of the future and as a new means of communication that can radically change the way people consume media content.Muv Lab and Oniria, two Mexican digital and virtual reality content creator companies, present VR Fest Mx, the first international virtual reality festival in Mexico. The event will bring together developers, entrepreneurs, content creators and members of the virtual reality industry from Mexico, Spain, Canada and the United States in order to bring the public closer to this technology and create new and exciting experiences in virtual reality environments. The VR Fest Mx will be held on Aug. 26 and 27 in Foro Indie Rocks in the Roma Norte neighborhood in Mexico City.Mexico is beginning to propose new visions and perspectives to the virtual reality industry, making it one of the countries currently developing VR experiences and immersive technologies. The VR Fest Mx will feature the introduction of new VR technology and content to the national market and will celebrate the achievements currently being made in the field in Mexico.[caption id="attachment_31890" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Journalists trying on virtual reality devices at the Muv Lab facilities. Photo: The News/Guillermo Verduzco Journalists trying on virtual reality devices at the Muv Lab facilities. Photo: The News/Guillermo Verduzco[/caption]The festival will offer lectures, workshops and virtual reality experiences through specialized devices such as Oculus, HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear. It will also feature transmedia shows, which tell a single story or experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, music and various activities that aim to show to the public what virtual reality is about.The festival will also feature the VR Fest Kids segment, intended to show children the benefits of this new technology. It will be an alternative education space for children to approach the world of virtual reality. Through recreational activities, VR Fest Kids aims to change the way children learn and communicate. It will offer several workshops intended for those aged six to 12.

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