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Thursday 28 of September 2023

How to Download Videos from Youtube for Later Viewing

YouTube logo,photo: Wikimedia
YouTube logo,photo: Wikimedia
We'll show you an easy way to get a video or podcast from YouTube for those long car trips


YouTube is a truly wonderful place (well if you stay out of the comment section) filled with lots and lots of content to fulfill our every wish. There are video game walkthroughs for the gamers, fanvids for the shippers, makeup tips for the fashionistas, history lessons for the nerds and of course pretty much every interview your favorite actor or actress has done. You can find clips, scenes, trailers, among many many other things. Anything your heart might desire but there’s one caveat, you need a good wireless connection.

As YouTube is an internet-based product, you need the internet which normally is not an issue as there’s a wireless connection pretty much everywhere you go now. But what if there isn’t? What if you’re stuck at work, or let’s say in a 7 hour car-ride and there’s a podcast on YouTube that you’re just dying to hear? Well that’s where we can help you out. Here at the News we can show you a quick way to download media from YouTube and store it on your computer or device.

1. Download & Install ClipGrab

For this tutorial we’re going to be using ClipGrab, a program available for Mac, Windows and Linux. This is the quickest and safest way to download videos from YouTube (plus it’s completely free). Follow the instructions to install the program on your computer.

2. Find the video you are downloading:

This might seem kind of obvious but we have to include it. Grab your link and copy and paste it into ClipGrab. You can also use the search function on ClipGrab to find it if you know the title.

A Screenshot of ClipGrab and it’s main features, including the format drop-down menu. Photo: ClipGrab

3. Choose Format and Quality:

There are two drop-down menus in ClipGrab, one is format and the other is quality. Once you’ve chosen your link you need to decide how you want ClipGrab to download it. There are seven choices on the format menu and you can choose if you just want the audio of the video or the video as a whole.

Quality is a no-brainer. The list will tell you what quality the video is available in and you can choose one.

4. Settings & Click Grab this clip!

Before you do any of the above, you should check to see where the video is downloading to. You can go to settings and input your preferred destination. Then it’s just as easy as clicking “Grab this clip” and waiting for it to download.

And voilà that is all you need to do.