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The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Sells at 18.70 Pesos in Mexico City Banks

  • The euro value rose against the peso to 20.79; yen sold at up to 0.197 pesos

, photo: Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

04 of July 2016 13:30:55

MEXICO CITY — At midday in Mexican City banks the U.S. dollar maintained a maximum sale price of 18.70 pesos, and it was purchased at minimum of 17.88 pesos.The euro was sold at a price of 20.79 pesos, an increase of five centavos from its opening price, while the yen was sold at up to 0.197 pesos.According to CI Banco analyst Manuel Somoza, major economic references will remain stable, due to the closure of U.S. financial transactions for the observance of Independence Day.

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