The News
The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Increases to 18.45 Pesos

  • The euro is up to 20.97 pesos and the yen is selling for 0.18 pesos

, photo: Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

09 of May 2016 12:59:15

MEXICO CITY — At mid-day the dollar is selling for up to 18.45 pesos, nine cents more than at the beginning of the day in Mexico City banks, and is being purchased at a minimum of 17.65 pesos.The euro is being offered at a maximum of 20.97 pesos — up 15 cents compared to the beginning of the day — while the highest price of the yen is selling for 0.18 pesos.After a negative week for international markets, risk aversion among investors for global economic performance will continue to be tested by figures of the Chinas export sector, as well as retail sales in the United States, says analyst at CI Banco, Manuel Somoza.

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