The News
The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Drops to 19.13 Pesos

  • Euro down to 21.12 pesos, yen at 0.219 pesos and the British pound at 25.42 pesos


28 of June 2016 13:05:12

MEXICO CITY — At midday of the exchange session, the dollar had lost seven centavos against its opening price, sold at a maximum of 19.13 pesos and purchased at a minimum of 18.32 in banks in the Mexican capital.In turn, the euro is being offered at up to 21.12 pesos, representing a decrease of six centavos since its initial quote. The British pound is sold at 25.42 and the Japanese yen at 0.219 pesos.According to CI Banco, although tranquility returned to the foreign exchange market in Mexico, this does not imply a change in trend towards appreciation of the Mexican currency — it is still expected that anxiety about UK's exit from the EU will return.

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