The News
The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Continues to Fall, Priced at 18.85 Pesos

  • Euro down to 20.87 pesos, British pound at 20.87; yen sold at 0.198 pesos


29 of June 2016 13:13:15

MEXICO CITY — The U.S. dollar lost 11 centavos to the Mexican peso by midday Wednesday, selling at up to 18.85 pesos, and it was bought at a minimum of 18.06 pesos in Mexico City banks.The euro has been offered at a high of 20.87 pesos, 13 centavos less than at the opening of the exchange session. The British pound is up to 25.36, and the Japanese yen is sold at a maximum price of 0.198 pesos.CI Banco analyst Manuel Somoza reported the rise in oil prices and the speculation of further monetary stimulus contribute to the lessening of the pesos devaluation.

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