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  • Melania Trump: Not "everyone" is a rapist or drug addict

  • Donald Trump's wife looks to clarify the presidential candidate's controversial comments last year


24 of February 2016 16:02:56

BY ETNA HERNÁNDEZThe NewsMelanie Trump, wife of Republican candidate Donald Trump, said that her husband did not insult Mexico when he presented his initial speech in 2015 saying that Mexican migrants were criminals, drug addicts and rapists.In an interview with United States, the ex model specified that he wasn’t referring to “everybody”, and defended the ideology of Donald Trump of barring Muslims from entering the United States after the terrorist attacks in Paris and the killing in San Bernardino, California.She affirmed that we should investigate the people that come to this country and that she respects all immigration laws since she herself arrived in the country from Slovenia 20 years ago.

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