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  • Man Accused of Taking Hostages at Burger King Charged

  • The incident ended peacefully with hostages unharmed

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18 of July 2016 14:54:43

  BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Police have identified the man they say took hostages, including a 7-year-old girl, at a Burger King restaurant.Lt. Jarron Jackson said in a news release that 26-year-old George Johnson held people hostage on Sunday while running from police, who were trying to arrest him on a sexual assault charge.After hours of negotiating, police say the incident ended peacefully, with the hostages unharmed.Jackson says Johnson is charged with numerous offenses, including handgun violations, illegal detention of the hostages, reckless endangerment and auto theft in the Burger King incident.T.J. Smith, another police department spokesman, says Johnson was also served the original arrest warrant charging him with a sexual assault that allegedly occurred on Saturday.It could not be determined if Johnson has a lawyer.  


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