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  • 'King Grupero' Denies Assault, Accuses Andrea Noel of Seeking Fame

  • 'She wants to hang on our fame,' says Ordaz, of journalist Andrea Noel

, photo via Twitter

19 of April 2016 14:47:55

Alberto Ordaz, better known as "King Grupero" denies being the person in a video showing the sexual assault of journalist Andrea Noel.Ordaz said Noel wants to "hang" on his fame, and that she is "causing a controversy because she wants to be a famous journalist," he said in a radio interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva.He explained that seen in the video is a person of short stature and dark complexion, while his partner-in-pranks is tall and light-skinned, referring to King Grupero, which to say it must be proof that it was not the work of themselves, and their brand of entertainment.He will come to testify before the authorities as a witness at the request of his friend Andoni Echave, but not as a defendant, he said.The case has gone viral on social networks as the identity is sought of the attacker captured on video, which has brought awareness to the treatment of women in Mexico City, especially street harassment. 

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