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  • Campaign for 'Brexit' Takes 6-Point Drop

  • The "Brexit" campaign seems to have lost momentum as Cameron's deal in Brussels is better perceived

British Prime Minister David Cameron gestures as he addresses the media after a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium, February 19, 2016. Cameron said on Friday he would campaign with all his "heart and soul" for Britain to stay in the European Union after he won a deal about the so-called Brexit, in Brussels which offered his country "special status". REUTERS/Dylan Martinez,

23 of February 2016 21:29:45

THE NEWSThe campaign for Britain to leave the br has taken a 6-point drop over the rival "in" campaign, according to a YouGov poll taken by the Times.The poll suggested that attempts to worry voters into staying in the EU were working and the Britons are becoming more averse to the risks of leaving, the Times reported.The newspaper said that the fears have contributed to a 6-point drop, to 31 percent, among those who thought leaving the bloc would be a safer option, while 43 percent said it would be safer to stay, which was down 1 percentage point.The Times said the latest poll suggested that Boris Johnson, the London mayor, and Michael Gove, the justice secretary, have had little early impact by coming out for Brexit and reveals a big drop among those who think that the prime minister got a bad deal in Brussels last weekend.The poll showed 38 percent of Britons would vote to leave the bloc compared with the 37 percent who want to remain, with 25 percent saying they were undecided.Since early February when the first draft of EU deal was published, the YouGov poll showed a 9-point lead for "Brexit."

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