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New WHO Chief: Planned U.S. Fu ...

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was looking forward to further talks with the United States 16 hours ago
68 Updates since February 22, 2016
1 month ago
1 month ago

Airlines Pushing Back on Talk ...

The practice lets airlines keep fares low while managing the rate of no-shows on any particular route
2 months ago
2 months ago

A Missouri Southerner in King ...

Hawaii was one of Mark Twain's favorite places
2 months ago
2 months ago

Trump's Planned Reduction in R ...

More than 160,000 Burmese, mostly Christian, have resettled in the U.S. in the past decade, more than any other nationality. They account fo ...
3 months ago
3 months ago

Starbucks CEO's Refugee Commen ...

Starbucks' consumer perception levels took an immediate hit, falling by two-thirds between Jan. 29 and Feb. 13
3 months ago
3 months ago

FIFA Reminds U.S. About World ...

FIFA is preparing the rules now for 2026 bids, with the host decided in 2020
3 months ago
3 months ago

Muhammad Ali's Son Launching R ...

They are calling for an end to Trump's travel ban and are launching a "Step Into the Ring" campaign
3 months ago
3 months ago

New Travel Ban Signed; Iraq no ...

The new version also removes language that would give priority to religious minorities
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3 months ago

SpaceX Says it Will fly 2 Peop ...

Company chief Elon Musk announced the surprising news Monday
3 months ago

In 1829, the U.S. Did Need a W ...

In 1829, Mexico offered something the United States did not: freedom
3 months ago

Official: White House Delays R ...

Americans were deeply divided over the order, which was condemned by prominent U.S. companies and allies before being temporarily blocked by ...
3 months ago

George Washington’s New York

George Washington fought six battles trying to defend New York, and lost all but one
3 months ago

Texas Attorney General Backs T ...

Texas is the first state to back Trump in the closely watched litigation. A group of 15 states and the District of Columbia have filed paper ...
3 months ago

Fight on Travel Ban on Hold; A ...

Last week, U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order halting the ban after Washington state and Minne ...
3 months ago

Reggae Group Awaits Travelers ...

The band, a reggae/disco group improbably named Boney M., was tagged by its founder after an Australian TV series called "Boney"
4 months ago

Denver to Vail, the Slow Way

Those in the know, slow down and stop in four delightful and historic towns along the way
4 months ago

NASA Study in Hawaii Paving wa ...

The six scientists enter their new home Thursday on the Big Island's Mauna Loa volcano for an eight-month stay
5 months ago

China Plans to Land Probes on ...

Since China conducted its first crewed space mission in 2003, it has staged a spacewalk and landed a rover on the moon in 2013
5 months ago

Fearing Trump Crackdown, 'Drea ...

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services records said that as of Dec. 31, 2015, about 22,340 people in the DACA program were approved for t ...
6 months ago

Red Tape Halts New Southwest F ...

The Southwest cancelations cover 10 daily flights between Los Angeles and the Mexican resort cities of Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun
6 months ago

Virgin Galactic's New Spaceshi ...

The craft was carried aloft Saturday morning by its mothership, released at an altitude of 50,000 feet and glided for 10 minutes
6 months ago

Russian Space Ship Malfunction ...

The Progress MS-04 cargo craft broke up at an altitude of 118 miles over the remote Russian Tuva region in Siberia
6 months ago

Chinese Astronauts Return Afte ...

Veteran mission commander Jing Haipeng and first-time space traveler Chen Dong were reported in good health after their Shenzhou 11 return v ...
8 months ago

Ten Ways to Explore New France ...

Old Quebec is the most European-looking town in America
8 months ago

Go Ahead, Give Up the Ship! An ...

It's almost as simple, and quite often considerably cheaper, to island hop on public ferries like the locals
9 months ago

Historical Nuggets Help Make T ...

Whether you're vacationing or roaming around the world, it's helpful to know some of the history of the places you're visiting
9 months ago

Global Travel Spending Still G ...

Travelers aren't going to let isolated terrorist attacks stop them from traveling, according to an official
10 months ago

On the Trail of Kit Carson in ...

Few people in history have received as many mixed reviews as Kit Carson
10 months ago

North Korea Hopes to Plant Fla ...

North Korea's long-term target is to use its satellites to provide data for crop and forestry assessments and improved communications
10 months ago

Mexican Farmers Using Fireflie ...

Piedra Canteada in Tlaxcala state isn't a government-run park, but a rural cooperative that has managed to emerge from poverty and dependenc ...
10 months ago

Riding the Rail Runner Express ...

The 10-year-old railway has transformed the way to get to Santa Fe
10 months ago

Profeco Head to Tour 13 Cities

Ernesto Nemer Álvarez will ensure that consumers receive discounts as the law requires
11 months ago

Young Cuban-Americans Get New ...

Inspired by the reestablishment of diplomatic and business ties, the children and grandchildren of exiles are traveling to Cuba in increasin ...
11 months ago

Tips for Staying Safe while Tr ...

Travel experts advise vacationers not to lose sleep over the highly-publicized tragedies and to look at the larger, statistical picture
11 months ago

Florida Bank Issues First U.S. ...

The Cuban government is exempting the cards from the 10 percent government penalty on dollar transactions
12 months ago

Airlines Race to Cuba, Overcom ...

Normally, airlines spend up to a year preparing for new foreign markets; in this case, flights must start within 90 days of the government a ...
12 months ago

U.S. Approves Flights to Cuba ...

Airlines get green light to schedule flights to the communist-ruled island for the first time in decades
12 months ago

TSA Chief says Progress Being ...

The agency said it is reducing lines partly by adding more lanes and increasing staffing at peak periods, especially at seven of the nation' ...
12 months ago

Tourists Spend Up to 30 pct of ...

The event brought together the ingredients most representative of the country “to show Mexico as a vibrant and modern gastronomic destinatio ...
1 year ago

Fares are Cheap; Airlines Don' ...

The number of airline passengers this summer is expected to rise 4 percent over last year's record level
1 year ago

Ostentatiously Austin

This mid-Texas oasis has a near perfect climate that makes it an outdoors paradise just about year-round
1 year ago

A Cruise Unlike Any Other

I saw more bald eagles than I can remember, great blue herons and northern flicker woodpeckers
1 year ago

Gambling, Gators and Gumbo…

Bring an appetite and a belt with some extra loop holes
1 year ago

SpaceX Targets 2018 for First ...

SpaceX's first target date for an unmanned mission to Mars strengthens founder Elon Musk's goal of flying people to other planets
1 year ago

Tales of the Union Jack, Fleur ...

At one time, as many as 5,000 pirates roamed the Caribbean
1 year ago

U.S. Government Bans Employees ...

The new travel advisory for Mexico includes near-total restrictions on the state of Guerrero
1 year ago

Prodigious Engineering, Ancien ...

Ramesses II’s great three-dimensional selfie is still the subject of awe and wonder
1 year ago

How Sharm el-Sheik Lost Its Gl ...

Sharm el-Sheikh was once called the City of Peace
1 year ago

A Haven for Global Patrimony

A crown jewel in modern Egypt’s garland of touristic wonders, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities was the undisputed venue of choice for disp ...
1 year ago

Temple of a Noble Lady

Queen Hatshepsut left a magnanimous legacy as the longest-reigning female pharaoh of ancient Egypt
1 year ago

Everywhere the Glint of Gold

Today, it’s possible to walk down the steps leading to King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings and then have high tea on the banks of th ...
1 year ago

The Wonders of Luxor, Old and ...

In the paradoxical city of Luxor you get a New-World-meets-Old-World feeling
1 year ago

Odyssey to Giza

No visit to Egypt would be complete without seeing the pyramids of Giza
1 year ago

Kerry Breaks Record for Miles ...

With no immediate plans to leave the State Department, Kerry could easily pad his new record by hundreds of thousands of miles before depart ...
1 year ago

Fliers Beware: New Airfare Rul ...

To get the best prices, fliers stopping at two or more cities now need to book several individual tickets
1 year ago

Dreams of Egypt

Today, people associate Egypt with rough adventure travel, but you can also stay in luxurious modern resorts
1 year ago

Sculpted by the Wind

The sand dunes of the San Luis Valley are the highest inland sand dunes in North America
1 year ago

Man Arrested After Doing Yoga, ...

Defense attorney says passenger returning to Japan after his Hawaiian wedding anniversary vacation was sleep-deprived and anxious
1 year ago

The Many Altars of San Miguel ...

The faithful flock to this small mountain town during Holy Week — here's why
1 year ago

Five Tips to Save Money Over H ...

A financial expert speaks of gas prediction apps and the joys of the all inclusive travel package
1 year ago

Federal Police Announce 'Opera ...

The goal of the operation will be to prevent car accidents and crimes, as well as to offer aid to travelers on the more than 49 thousand kil ...
1 year ago

European, Russian Space Agenci ...

Interest has been piqued by discovery of methane, which indicates biological or geological activity
1 year ago

A Town Built for Pirates

Explore St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States
1 year ago

Mancera Unveils 50 Buses for A ...

New vehicles aim to reduce violence against women and increase safety
1 year ago

US bans use of e-cigarettes on ...

Authorities interpret regulations of tobacco products on planes to include electronic devices
1 year ago

US airlines vie for Cuba fligh ...

Most of the planes proposed by US airlines to fly into the island would carry about 160 passengers
1 year ago

Spring Break Forever — Despite ...

Cancun books are down 19 percent, but other travel indicators say that tourists aren't letting the Zika virus stop the party
1 year ago

Officials Find Travel Budget C ...

After the SHCP announced a cut in public spending of more than 132 million pesos, the Official Gazette published guidelines that set the max ...