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#Zika virus

U.S. Enrolls Volunteers in Lar ...

All the volunteers will be tracked for nearly two years to see if the vaccine really protects against Zika infection 6 months ago
21 Updates since February 23, 2016
8 months ago
8 months ago

Mexico Confirms First Case of ...

Between November 2015 and this January, 7,634 cases of Zika infection have been confirmed, the ministry added
10 months ago
10 months ago

Mexico Reports Zero Zika-Relat ...

José Narro Robles said that Mexico will remain on alert even if there are no more Zika deaths
1 year ago
1 year ago

Cuba Reports Remarkable Succes ...

The government decimated the mosquito population by spraying virtually every neighborhood in Cuba this last spring
1 year ago
1 year ago

Cayman Islands Reports 1st Cas ...

The patient has not travelled recently
1 year ago
1 year ago

U.S. Health Researchers Test Z ...

The Zika virus can cause the birth defect microcephaly, marked by small head size that can lead to severe developmental problems in babies ...
1 year ago
1 year ago

CDC Warns Pregnant Women from ...

Many people infected with the Zika virus are unaware they have the disease because the symptoms are so mild
1 year ago
1 year ago

Mexico Prepares Athletes for H ...

Brazil has had an outbreak of the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus
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1 year ago

Congress Leaves Washington, It ...

Lack of action on the Zika issue this summer may lead to delays in developing a vaccine and advanced mosquito-fighting techniques
1 year ago

U.S. Researchers Estimate Rang ...

The CDC researchers said the highest potential risk for microcephaly appears to be when the mother is infected during the first three months
1 year ago

CDC: 157 Pregnant Women in U.S ...

The agency will now report on a weekly basis all pregnant women in the United States and its territories who have any laboratory evidence of ...
1 year ago

U.S. Senate Approves $1.1 Bln ...

The Senate approved $1.1 billion in emergency money one day after the House of Representatives voted $622.1 million financed through cuts to ...
1 year ago

MLB Relocates Puerto Rico Seri ...

The games between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Miami Marlins originally scheduled to be held in San Juan on May 30-31 have been relocated to M ...
1 year ago

CDC: Puerto Rico Zika Cases No ...

U.S. health officials said Zika remains a public health threat in Puerto Rico, with more cases expected throughout 2016
1 year ago

Is the U.S. Ready for Zika?

Mosquito season draws near ...
1 year ago

Peak Zika Virus is Behind Us, ...

Countries are scaling back their predictions on the virus' sweep and reach
2 years ago

Cuba Reports First Case of Zik ...

State media said a 21-year-old Havana woman who had not traveled outside Cuba was diagnosed with the virus after suffering headaches, fatigu ...
2 years ago

CDC Director Calls Zika in Pue ...

Cases of the virus have doubled in the territory, which has a high density of Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitos
2 years ago

Mexico Says 11 Pregnant Women ...

Most of the cases were identified in the southern Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca
2 years ago

Health Secretary Brings the Zi ...

Learn how to protect your family from the state's "Wash, Cover, Turn, and Throw Out" campaign
2 years ago

US-Brazil Teams Probe Link Bet ...

With scant scientific literature published on the matter, some doctors in Brazil and elsewhere say there is not yet enough scientific data t ...