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Mexico's Oil Output Falls Belo ...

The drop is largely due to Pemex's inability to find new reserves 2 months ago
82 Updates since February 22, 2016
2 months ago
2 months ago

Corruption? What’s that?

Any government official who claims he or she is honest is laughed out in Mexico
2 months ago
2 months ago

Lozoya Austin Was Bribed

Lozoya’s problems began as early as 2015 when Mexico Federal Auditor detected inconsistencies and missing funds
2 months ago
2 months ago

Odebrecht Made Payments to For ...

Former Odebrecht Executives claim payments were made to Emilio Lozoya Austin
4 months ago
4 months ago

Explosion at Pemex Refinery in ...

Refinery manager Rogelio Ríos Benitez said that the cause of the explosion was an oil spill from one of the containers
5 months ago
5 months ago

Huachicol Industrialists

Did the government take action too late?
5 months ago
5 months ago

Onwards Pemex

The problem with these oil projects is that they may have never come to fruition
5 months ago
5 months ago

Gasoline Thieves Make Billions ...

The report attributes most of the gasoline thefts to organized crime
See More >
5 months ago

Gas Theft Out Of Control

The duct milking phenomena has existed since 2000 and by 2016 at least 3,218 illegal plugs had been detected by Pemex
6 months ago

Ten Dead in Clash Between Mexi ...

The Defense Secretariat said attackers hiding behind a group of women and children killed two soldiers and wounded a third
8 months ago

Peña Nieto Oversees Signature ...

The alliance between Pemex and Australian BHP Billiton marks the first agreement Pemex has entered into with a foreign company through a bid ...
8 months ago

Two Centavos Guffaw

Let’s see how this new experiment of daily price reviewing works for the SHCP and Pemex
8 months ago

Gas Stations Close Due to Irre ...

As a result of a joint operation, seven gas stations were shut down in Oaxaca, Michoacán, Chiapas, State of Mexico and Veracruz
9 months ago

Impish Remarks

Who killed Pemex?
9 months ago

'Gasolinazo' to be Discussed a ...

Opposition legislators continue to demand a throw back to the price increase of gasoline and diesel despite explanations provided by the Pub ...
9 months ago

Perfect Storm Forming

Last Wednesday Trump came back to life with his bullying attitude towards Mexico
9 months ago

Mexico's Pemex Says Protests C ...

Protests since the Jan. 1 double-digit fuel price spike have exposed anger with President Enrique Peña Nieto over rising living costs fanned ...
10 months ago

PRD Deputies React to 'Gasolin ...

After a meeting in the Chamber of Deputies, members of the PRD agreed to form a broader national front to bring the hikes to an end
10 months ago

Gas Hike Views

In short, like it or leave it, the fuel price hikes are here to stay and next March each filling station will sell at the price they see fit
10 months ago

Profeco to Surveil Gas Station ...

The agency reminded consumers that they can go to its offices located in several delegations and sub delegations
10 months ago

Gasoline Prices Increase

The increase in gas prices is due to the increase in international fuel prices and does not imply any modification or creation of taxes
10 months ago

U.S. Refiners Cash in on Mexic ...

Mexico's government opened the industry to private capital in 2013 to reverse a protracted slide in oil output, refining and reserves
10 months ago

Oil Liberalization to Commence

The transition from the monopolistic structure of Pemex to one of competition will happen gradually under the guidance of a timetable create ...
10 months ago

Pemex and Gas Hikes

Magna gasoline is expected to go from 13.98 to 16.87 per liter, while the unleaded Premium will rise from 14.81 to 17.75
10 months ago

Asia's Little-Recognized Dynam ...

Between 2009 and 2014, Malaysia’s Gross National Income soared by 47.7 percent and total private investment tripled
10 months ago

Mexico Awards First Deep-Water ...

The National Oil Commission later said the agreement could eventually result in as much as $7.4 billion dollars
11 months ago

Plans For Pemex

Pedro Joaquín Coldwell only has President Peña Nieto to respond to
12 months ago

Electrifying Shock

The most important warning Coparmex is making is that they no longer support the administration's low inflation policy and that they will ad ...
12 months ago

PEMEX: Worst Balance of the Ye ...

According to Pemex’s financial statements, gasoline and diesel sales in Mexico decreased 17.7 points, losing $28.2 billion in revenue, due t ...
12 months ago

Gasoline Prices Will Not Chang ...

Prices for Magna and Premium gasoline will remain at 13.98 pesos per liter and 14.81 pesos per liter, respectively, while diesel will remain ...
1 year ago

Pemex Says Fire Put Out on Tan ...

The blaze on the tanker "Burgos" occurred off the coast of Boca del Rio in Veracruz state
1 year ago

Pemex Finds New Oil Deposits i ...

The company found a deposit that could produce 15 million barrels of light crude per day
1 year ago

Medication Spending Highest Ev ...

Mexico plans to spend nearly 50 billion pesos in the next year
1 year ago

Mexico 2017 Budget Cuts to Squ ...

Since the government ended its oil and gas monopoly nearly three years ago, Pemex has faced stiff competition from the private sector
1 year ago

Treasury Secretary Meade Prese ...

José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, who had only taken office the day before, presented the executive's proposal for the 2017 budget to Congress T ...
1 year ago

AMLO Puts Oil Reform in Crossh ...

Andrés Manuel López Obrador narrowly missed being elected president of Mexico in 2006 with less than one percentage point
1 year ago

Messmacher Linartas: Mexico's ...

The treasury undersecretary stressed that notwithstanding recent fuel price hikes, Mexico still has some of the cheapest gasoline in the wor ...
1 year ago

EPN's Two Achilles Heels

The 3.9 percent increase to industrial and commercial electricity, however, came unannounced and by surprise on Monday
1 year ago

Fuel Prices Hiked

Congress approved the hikes to be in tandem with international prices
1 year ago

Nine People Found Dead Near Pe ...

Investigations are ongoing to determine whether the incident was related to fuel theft
1 year ago

Mexico to Auction 15 Shallow E ...

Competetive bidding will now be allowed after a 2014 law change that ended the state monopoly on oil
1 year ago

PEMEX Gas Flare Controlled in ...

There were no casualties and firefighters controlled the flare
1 year ago

Oxxo Gas to Begin Selling Gaso ...

Starting this Wednesday, Oxxo Gas will start distributing gasoline and diesel under its own brand name
1 year ago

Dwindling Popularity

All of the political parties that opposed the "privatization" of Pemex are now singing, "I told you so" as the president's Energy Reform is ...
1 year ago

Profeco Intensifies Verificati ...

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency plans to verify half of the country's gas stations this year
1 year ago

Pemex Courts European Investor ...

Pemex General Director José González Anaya met with European investors in London
1 year ago

PEMEX to Offer Farm-Out on Dee ...

Arrangement would mark first time Petróleos Mexicanos associates with a private firm for deep-water drilling
1 year ago

Mexico gets first non-Pemex Ga ...

Opening the retail sector to competition was part of energy reforms passed in 2014
1 year ago

Pemex Pays 92 Bln Pesos of Deb ...

The state-owned oil company used government support to pay off part of a large debt it had acquired due to the oil price slump
1 year ago

IMF Supports Pemex Production ...

Petroleum company production adjustments are in line with other country's, says IMF director
1 year ago

Pemex Loses Billions During 20 ...

The net loss was a result of a reduction in revenues caused by the global drop in oil prices, among other factors
1 year ago

Death Toll Rises to 32 in Mexi ...

More than 130 people in all suffered injuries when the explosion rocked the plant in Coatzacoalcos, 370 miles southeast of Mexico City
1 year ago

Mexichem Declares Force Majeur ...

Mexichem has declared force majeure on one internal contract in the wake of a blast at a petrochemical plant that killed at least 24 people
1 year ago

Mexico Petrochemical Plant Bla ...

Pemex said Thursday night that it was prioritizing the safety of those inspecting the plant
1 year ago

Blast Kills 13, Injures Dozens ...

Pemex reported the fire under control late Wednesday, but initially urged people to stay away from the area as a precaution
1 year ago

Three Dead, Dozens Injured in ...

Explosion at Veracruz facility follows February fire fatality
2 years ago

Treasury to Rescue Pemex

The state-owned oil company will receive a 73.5 billion-pesos bailout to help it cover its liabilities
2 years ago

2017 Budget Cuts

It just happens to be true that all the happiness experienced during a drinking bash is ruined by the next day hangover
2 years ago

Mexico Plans Fresh Budget Cuts ...

Mexico relies on oil for a large part of its income and has been hit hard by low prices
2 years ago

Fuel for April Fools

The ideological measure of letting foreign oil companies in will surely bring dire effects to the already battered Peña Nieto administration ...
2 years ago

PAN Accuses Emilio Lozoya of C ...

The PAN deputies blamed the former Pemex head for the state-owned company's failure in a complaint submitted to the Federal Auditing Agency
2 years ago

Pemex Credit Will Liquidate De ...

Financing is provided by the Bank of Works and Public Services, along with Nacional Financiera and the National Foreign Trade Bank
2 years ago

Pemex Director Delivers Messag ...

González Anaya says 78 years shows that any doubts of continued success for the oil company are unfounded
2 years ago

Government Stands by Pemex Des ...

President Enrique Peña Nieto confident that 100 billion adjustment and backing from the state will see Pemex through hard times
2 years ago

Happy Birthday Pemex

Petróleos Mexicanos is the fifth largest company in the world with oil reserves as reported by the stock markets
2 years ago

Jesús Zambrano Grijalva: Nothi ...

The PRD deputy said that the energy reform of 2013-2014 has been an 'absolute failure.'
2 years ago

Mexico Hopes that Oil Prices w ...

Hydrocarbon undersecretary Lourdes Melgar said that he expects oil prices to rise to between $40 and $60 per barrel in the next few years
2 years ago

Grand Larceny at Pemex

As it turns out, the removal of Lozoya was not accidental but an obvious political move to cover up for yet another corrupt Mexican official
2 years ago

Undersecretary: No Risk for De ...

Moody's says that the credit lines will put the development banks at risk
2 years ago

Sharpening the Knife

Mexico, is a fantastic country where every six years we can reinvent everything
2 years ago

Pemex Reviews Contract With Na ...

The contract, which represents an alleged surcharge in the provision of services, was signed by former director Emilio Lozoya
2 years ago

Deputies and Organizations Wan ...

González Anaya's appearance in the Chamber of Deputies has raised many questions surrounding Pemex
2 years ago

'We Will Defend Petróleos Mexi ...

Pemex director José Antonio González Anaya faced questions on the state and future of the oil company
2 years ago

Pemex Downsized

So long as Congress continues to approve this type of taxation ... Pemex will not even get close to being a profitable company
2 years ago

Federal Electricity Commission ...

The CFE reported its net losses were 93.9 billion pesos for 2015
2 years ago

Petróleos Mexicanos slashes sp ...

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, Chief Executive Officer of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) announced the strong measures the company is taking with ...
2 years ago

Videgaray’s Statements

In short, Videgaray told the deputies to butt off his business of running the nation’s finances
2 years ago

Pemex Sets Date for Phase Four ...

The contract bidding is set for December 5 of this year
2 years ago

Maximum Pricing of Fuel

President Peña Nieto’s announcement was not to open up the price wars now, but to pave the way for future competition
2 years ago

Free Energy

What are we going to do about workers' unions?
2 years ago

EPN Announces Competence in Ga ...

Mexican president affirms that plans to open bidding on public projects will continue despite Pemex's financial woes and plummeting worldwid ...