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Undercover Police to Guard Mex ...

Garrido Osorio said that with the cooperation of Jorge Gaviño Ambriz, the Metro's director, the permanent placement of s ... 1 month ago
74 Updates since January 13, 2016
2 months ago
2 months ago

PAN Governor Differs from Lead ...

Ricardo Anaya Cortés opposed the direct appointment of Raúl Cervantes Andrade for Prosecutor General
2 months ago
2 months ago

Corruption? What’s that?

Any government official who claims he or she is honest is laughed out in Mexico
2 months ago
2 months ago

PGR Summons Lozoya

The article was a political bombshell
2 months ago
2 months ago

PGR Considers Subpoena for Jul ...

Julión Álvarez's name appeared on a U.S. Treasury Department list for alleged connections to a drug cartel
2 months ago
2 months ago

Soccer Star Rafael Márquez Amo ...

The sanctions are the result of a multi-year investigation of the drug trafficking organization allegedly headed by Raúl Flores Hernández
3 months ago
3 months ago

PGR Captures the Sinaloa Carte ...

The PGR said that there is an international warrant for the extradition of Nahúm Abraham "N"
3 months ago
3 months ago

Mexican Accused of Fraud is Ca ...

The capture was achieved thanks to INTERPOL’s General Secretariat
See More >
3 months ago

Tláhuac Case Continues

All the lines of investigation are now open following the events of last Thursday in Tláhuac
3 months ago

Long Trial for Duarte

The judge has now allowed also for the appearance of a key witness and that is current Veracruz Gov. Miguel Ángel Yunes, who during campaign ...
3 months ago

Faith in Javier 'N' Trial

Have a good laugh
3 months ago

Government: Additional Securit ...

Interior Secretary Patricia Mercado Castro said that Duarte is under 24-hour surveillance
3 months ago

How to Download Videos from Yo ...

We'll show you an easy way to get a video or podcast from YouTube for those long car trips
3 months ago

The Duarte Trial

Coparmex president De Hoyos says that in theory this should be a trial that ought to end up sending Duarte to jail
3 months ago

PGR: Duarte Returns to Mexico ...

"The Attorney General's Office estimates that he will return to Mexico between July 17 and 21 to face the federal judge"
3 months ago

Mexico City Kidnapper Receives ...

The PGR presented sufficient evidence to force the lengthy sentence
4 months ago

Senate Demands Investigation i ...

The Senate is demanding that Michoacán provide more information regarding violence against journalists
4 months ago

PGR Investigates Espionage Sof ...

FEADLE is currently trying to track the location of the devices used to send the malware
4 months ago

Government Espionage Report Re ...

The report reveals that Mexico is “by far” the country in which has contributed the most to Pegasus' presence, surpassing the likes of Yemen ...
4 months ago

PGR: Rewards for Info on Journ ...

Information is required regarding the murders of six journalists
4 months ago

Borge’s Arrest Not News

The big news was that Roberto Borge’s arrest was no news
4 months ago

SHCP Works with PGR on Financi ...

José Antonio Meade said that he couldn't comment on the ongoing investigation into Roberto Borge Angulo
4 months ago

PGR Confirms Borge Arrest in P ...

Interpol agents assisted in the investigation that led to Borge Angulo's capture
5 months ago

Journalist Max Rodríguez Alleg ...

Rodríguez Palacios was killed when a group of armed men opened fired against him in a mall parking lot in La Paz, Baja California
5 months ago

Noted Journalist Javier Valdéz ...

Riodoce reported that Valdéz was driving about a block from its offices when he was intercepted by gunmen
5 months ago

Sedena Investigates Military C ...

The investigations come after a video was leaked on social media
5 months ago

Second Body Found in UNAM Camp ...

The unidentified body was found a week after the murder of Lesvy Osorio on university grounds
6 months ago

Shielded Elections?

How effective is the “electoral shield?”
7 months ago

Federal Authorities Incinerate ...

The incinerated narcotics were a mixture of marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin, as well as regulated drugs used in the production of narc ...
7 months ago

Hand-Off Elections

That’s what’s we in the press are all about, getting fresh scandalous info
7 months ago

Protest Against Impuntiy, Pare ...

The protest outside the building of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) took place simultaneous to the public hearing before the Internation ...
9 months ago

Political Swap

We’ll see it soon but the way El Chapo was taken out of Mexico was indeed fishy
9 months ago

Former Quintana Roo Governor R ...

Mario Villanueva arrived on board of a PRIM flight for repatriates guarded by Interpol agents
10 months ago

UN Subcommittee on Prevention ...

With the visit of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture, the federal government reaffirms the importance of openness and cooperation wit ...
10 months ago

Former Governor of Zacatecas A ...

Luévano Cantú compared Alonso Reyes' actions to those of Javier Duarte de Ochoa's
11 months ago

Torture Haunts Mexico Despite ...

From December 2006 through October 2014, the PGR registered 4,055 complaints of torture, nearly one-third of them against the military
11 months ago

PRD Demands Investigation of F ...

The PRD said that Ríos had admitted complicity when he said that he had allowed Duarte to use a state helicopter after the latter had resign ...
11 months ago

Reward for Information on Duar ...

The reward will be available until Duarte de Ochoa is located or detained
11 months ago

Duarte Flew Away in a Borrowed ...

The former governor of Veracruz requested a helicopter from the airport in Coatzacoalcos before the acting governor learned about the arrest ...
11 months ago

Trump Accused of Real Estate F ...

The complaint originates from a proposed development project involving Trump in Tijuana
12 months ago

Post With Extension

In short, Cervantes, a member of Peña Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and a close friend to the President's inner circle, wo ...
12 months ago

Senate Confirms Arely Gómez Go ...

Senators from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN), the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the Gr ...
12 months ago

Faking Dementia

Persecuting an allegedly corrupt former governor is a "tradition" that the Mexican government invented to make it look like justice is being ...
12 months ago

U.S. Extradites Zhenli Ye Gon ...

The Chinese-born Mexican businessman is accused of supplying drug traffickers with methamphetamine precursor chemicals
1 year ago

Two Of A Kind

Now Duarte stands alone without any political protection against the ferocious onslaught that is to come
1 year ago

The Missing 43

Most agree that the case of the Ayotzinapa missing 43 has been a game of cover-ups by the Peña Nieto administration
1 year ago

Mexican PGR's Criticized Inves ...

Many of the suspects rounded up in the investigation have complained they were tortured into backing the government's version of what happen ...
1 year ago

Kate del Castillo Obtains Ampa ...

The PGR is investigating whether Del Castillo received monetary compensation from Guzmán Loera
1 year ago

PRI Leaders Back Investigation ...

Javier Duarte will be investigated regarding 69 properties that belong to him and his associates
1 year ago

PGR to Investigate Death of Am ...

Two police officers were also injured in the incident that took the mayor's life
1 year ago

Mexico Presidency Moves to Tam ...

Pena Nieto's office dubbed unconstitutional new state prosecutors' offices set up in oil-rich Veracruz and tourist hub Quintana Roo, bodies ...
1 year ago

PGR to Take Over Nochixtlán In ...

"The Attorney General has determined to take over the investigation that up until today was lead by the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office"
1 year ago

PGR Recognizes Importance of A ...

During the four years since its implementation in Mexico, the AMBER Alert system has allowed the location of at least 350 children
1 year ago

Activist Demands That 148 Bodi ...

Activist Javier Sicilia warned that without their intervention the bodies would have been moved and due process violated
1 year ago

Missing Students' Parents Dema ...

The experts on Thursday criticized Zerón's trip to the river on Oct. 28 with a detained suspect who was allegedly tortured
1 year ago

GIEI to Present Second Report ...

The aim is to explain the contents of the report to the authorities, said the GIEI
1 year ago

The Ayotzinapa Reports

The doubt remains alive, and unburned!
1 year ago

The Next Phase

There are already many pending cases where the military and the police have committed abuses
2 years ago

Son of Former Tabasco Governor ...

The accused, whose name was not revealed, was arrested for fiscal fraud
2 years ago

CIDH: Lost Trust

There is proof that the Iguala and Cocula municipal police handed over the students to a criminal group, who murdered them and disposed of t ...
2 years ago

Amnesty International Disquali ...

Organization says report does not prove anything and only plays with the suffering of families
2 years ago

The Empire of Smoke

The smoke of Cocula does not just blind our eyes, but also the sense of national shame
2 years ago

NGO: at Least 17 Bodies Were B ...

The report by an independent group is consistent with the PGR's account
2 years ago

Kate del Castillo's Story Cont ...

The PGR suggested that the actress has been lying during interviews
2 years ago

Formal Order for Imprisonment ...

Semar has worked closely with the PGR
2 years ago

The Escalation Continues

“Where is the budget assigned to the defense of our human rights?”
2 years ago

PGR Remands Four Detainees

Four suspects were detained in Tepito last week possessing drugs
2 years ago

PGR Sets Seven Tons of Narcoti ...

Confiscated drugs incinerated by authorities on three separate events
2 years ago

Authorities Say Intervention i ...

Arely Gómez justified the intervention, saying it is normal procedure to maintain communication about relevant court cases for both prosecut ...
2 years ago

PRI Calls for Investigation of ...

Senators from the Institutional Revolutionary Party asked the National Electoral Institute to investigate funding of former candidate Andrés ...
2 years ago

Lawyer Files Complaint Against ...

Defence attorney of the Venezuelan academics accused of trafficking says the airlines are responsible
2 years ago

Attorney General Meets with Fo ...

The State Attorney General’s Office met with the commission in charge of identifying migrant bodies found between 2010 and 2012
2 years ago

The ‘Justice’ of the Attorney ...

Former Coahuila Gov. Humberto Moreira has not been judicially prosecuted in Mexico because of embezzlement
2 years ago

Jail Time Aids PRI

President Enrique Peña Nieto begins his administration last half with energy and force