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Mexican News Editor Shot as At ...

The 51-year-old news editor at La Opinion de Poza Rica, a newspaper in the violent oil-drilling city of Poza Rica in the ... 7 months ago
50 Updates since February 22, 2016
9 months ago
9 months ago

Trump Calls for Probe Into Uns ...

"There are millions of votes, in my opinion," Trump told ABC. "Of those votes cast, none of them come to me. None of them come to me"
1 year ago
1 year ago

Germany's Satisfaction with Me ...

There has been widespread dissatisfaction with Merkel´s migrant policies
1 year ago
1 year ago

The Wild, Wild Web

How did the WWW become the Wild, Wild West where advertisers and scammers feel justified to cram our inboxes at all hours with hundreds of e ...
1 year ago
1 year ago

The Enemy Within

Maduro and his ham-fisted ring of comrades have run the nation and its economy into the ground
1 year ago
1 year ago

A New Truce in Syria

There are still no indications the parties are any closer to agreement on the main sticking point, whether Assad can be part of the future g ...
1 year ago
1 year ago

Just Another Conspiracy Theory

Contrary to what Trump would have people believe, the Cruz-Kasich is not illegal and is not even unethical; it is a pragmatic political mane ...
2 years ago
2 years ago

Mexican President's Approval R ...

A record low of 30 percent of Mexicans approve of President Enrique Peña Nieto, according to a poll by the newspaper Reforma
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2 years ago

U.N. Drug Policy Summit

Surely Foreign Relations Secretary Ruiz Massieu will do a fine job, but given the presidential summit nature of the gathering, it is Peña Ni ...
2 years ago

Rising Seas Warning

The tourist industry has been warned, and now, each region will be expected to face its own problems
2 years ago

Those Who Do Not Learn...

The Islamic State group has hijacked the appeal of a caliphate to justify its harsh and vehement practices and has duped an entire generatio ...
2 years ago

Difficulty Regulating

Beginning today, discussions are stranded as different factions can’t come to terms with the structure of the system and the role society wi ...
2 years ago

A Priori Electoral Fraud?

What is for the moment a distressful situation for the would-be candidate is a magnificent opportunity for AMLO and Morena to do what they d ...
2 years ago

Basañez, You’re Fired

Basañez’s appointment was adding injury to insult for many of those bona fide ambassadors standing in line
2 years ago

What to Do About Iraq

Trying to impose democracy in Iraq from outside is futile ... It simply will not work
2 years ago

Fuel for April Fools

The ideological measure of letting foreign oil companies in will surely bring dire effects to the already battered Peña Nieto administration ...
2 years ago

Most U.S. Voters View Immigran ...

This may not be the most shocking news you hear today
2 years ago

The Elephant in the Room

And while the latest round of peace talks did not render much in the way of progress ... the mere fact that they did not end in a Syrian wal ...
2 years ago

Marijuana Debates

The status of marijuana use in Mexico stands exactly in the same spot as it did last April 6, 2015
2 years ago

Tit for Tat

As long as there are hackers, everybody’s personal information is vulnerable
2 years ago

The Goat Sucker Lives

This was a typical stunt of what is known in Mexican political Spanish as a “borrego” or a sheep; a gossip spread around which is totally un ...
2 years ago

Anti-corruption Bill

Not long ago, even President Enrique Peña Nieto tried to evade the subject of corruption in the Mexican government claiming “it’s a cultural ...
2 years ago

A New Low in Depravity

There can be no justification for murdering children, and certainly, Sunday’s massacre will win no support for the Taliban cause among the P ...
2 years ago

A Day With Candidate Barack

Ricardo Castillo remembers meeting Barack Obama in 2008
2 years ago

Controversial Agreement

For the meantime, Morena will have a couple of hundred thousand more votes on June 5, which will be a good gain for the new party but very b ...
2 years ago

The Price of Freedom

As appalling as Facebooking a photograph of a dead body lying on the ground may be ... it is even more despicable to impose censorship on a ...
2 years ago

The Tlatoani Syndrome

Nowadays the federal government has been severely thrashed by plummeting oil prices and there is neither question nor doubt that the beating ...
2 years ago

The Inevitability of Terror

Rather than resolutely enduring the inescapability of terrorism, Belgium must instead double-down and take a more determined stance against ...
2 years ago

Bed Fellows for Elections

Please notice that I did not give the names of potential candidates. But that’s to keep you from eating – verbatim – a soup of letters
2 years ago

Airport Reconversion

In the end, says SCT, the land will be a legacy for future authorities to make the pertaining decisions according to their authority and tim ...
2 years ago

Time to Pay the Piper

While Ahmed tried to focus his discourse on Pakistan’s economic and social accomplishments, he did not mention its imposing foreign debt, wi ...
2 years ago

Two Private Events

Two private events were the political shows of the week: One was a funeral, the other a birthday party
2 years ago

Grand Larceny at Pemex

As it turns out, the removal of Lozoya was not accidental but an obvious political move to cover up for yet another corrupt Mexican official
2 years ago

Donald the Menace

In the meantime, Mexicans are on the alert as to the increasing victories and popularity of who is deemed a bigot and a demagogue
2 years ago

AMLO Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Expect AMLO to come up with yet another PRI and President Peña Nieto-scathing ad, which is something he has the right to do
2 years ago

The Dunce Spoketh

Most likely because he was hung over, Mayor Blanco did not show up
2 years ago

Sowing Hatred

The one achievement the Trump-Sanders duet is achieving in Mexico is sowing a seed of hatred against their campaigns
2 years ago

Pemex Downsized

So long as Congress continues to approve this type of taxation ... Pemex will not even get close to being a profitable company
2 years ago

Another Day, Another Sanction

The crux of the problem lies in the fact that the international community is trying to use a rational approach to temper an irrational dicta ...
2 years ago

Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Using words instead of weapons, diplomats can help to weave the fabric of global understanding and cooperation
2 years ago

Intra-party Cronyism

Mexico is no regular democracy and politics are always leaning to private interests
2 years ago

Potential Candidates

How reliable are Mexican pollsters?
2 years ago

A Hard-Fought Sovereignty

For the Dominicans, that is a tall order, but, then again, nothing is more cherished than that which does not come easy
2 years ago

Conago's Mandate

A tug of war over the state centralized police departments may have taken a new turn Monday
2 years ago

Videgaray’s Statements

In short, Videgaray told the deputies to butt off his business of running the nation’s finances
2 years ago

Who Holds the Upper Hand?

It should be remembered that it is not Mexico that is turning its back on Rousseff, but rather her own people
2 years ago

The Caretaker Head of Mission

No one in the U.S. State Department at that time imagined that partisan politics would lead to a blockade in Jacobson’s assuming her term in ...
2 years ago

Maximum Pricing of Fuel

President Peña Nieto’s announcement was not to open up the price wars now, but to pave the way for future competition
2 years ago

Walls & Bridges

But hear ye, this is not the attitude the Obama administration is taking. Rather, the opposite is true
2 years ago

Frozen Nomination

Senator Rubio is playing dirty politics with the Jacobson nomination