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U.S. Sends More Aid to Puerto ...

Additional National Guard forces are also being sent in to provide more security on the island 4 months ago
35 Updates since March 2, 2016
4 months ago
4 months ago

US West's Wildfires Spark Call ...

The destruction has exposed old frictions between environmentalists and those who want to see logging accelerated, and it's triggered a push ...
4 months ago
4 months ago

Irma Lost Some Oomph Over Cuba ...

Irma's trek over Cuba's low populated coast Friday evening through Saturday afternoon eroded some of the storm's top and also blew in dry ai ...
5 months ago
5 months ago

Hurricane Irma Now Cat 4 as It ...

The storm's center was forecast to move near or over the northern Leeward Islands late Tuesday and early Wednesday
5 months ago
5 months ago

Trump Traveling to Texas for B ...

Trump will travel to Texas on Tuesday to observe the federal government's work to help the state recover from Harvey's devastation
5 months ago
5 months ago

Democrats Voice Frustration Ov ...

6 months ago
6 months ago

Venezuela's President says New ...

The French, British, Spanish and Mexican ambassadors to Venezuela visited the opposition-controlled National Assembly to meet with legislato ...
6 months ago
6 months ago

French Crews Tame Dramatic Wil ...

The worst-affected areas continued to be in central Portugal, especially a fire around Serta, 125 miles northeast of Lisbon
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6 months ago

Regulators Release Environment ...

Environmental groups have argued that the regulator's process for approving pipelines doesn't adequately evaluate the true need for addition ...
6 months ago

OAS Chief Says He Backs Target ...

OAS Secretary General Luis Almargo described Venezuela as the most corrupt country on that continent
6 months ago

Court to Review Detention of E ...

Presiding Judge Piotr Hofmanski said a five-judge panel unanimously upheld an appeal by the 72-year-old former president against the refusal ...
6 months ago

Brazil's Silva Defiant after C ...

Silva was Brazil's first working-class president and remains beloved in many quarters
7 months ago

Scientists Baffled by Strange ...

Scientists say the creatures are pyrosomes, which are tropical, filter-feeding spineless creatures usually found along the equator
7 months ago

OAS Rejects Venezuelan Proposa ...

The proposal was turned in with a lack of formality and punctuality
7 months ago

Japan Investigates Delay in Re ...

A coast guard official said Monday they are trying to find out what the problem was
7 months ago

Military Ship that Sank Centur ...

Strong currents and an abundance of sediment would make moving the delicate vessel too difficult
8 months ago

Diplomats Struggle to Reach Co ...

"We're talking about people dying, dying," said Brazil's Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes
8 months ago

Trump Lashes Out at Critics, ' ...

"Look at the way I've been treated lately, especially by the media," Trump said
9 months ago

Top Official's Son Calls Out H ...

President Nicolás Maduro's son responded with a letter saying he regretted his friend's decision to seek "three minutes of fame"
9 months ago

Venezuela Threatens to Exit OA ...

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez said on state TV late Tuesday that she had been instructed by President Nicolás Maduro to initiate the coun ...
10 months ago

Nations Urge Venezuela on Elec ...

Suspending Venezuela from the OAS should be avoided unless all diplomatic efforts have been exhausted
10 months ago

OAS Head Urges Bloc Suspend Ve ...

OAS Secretary General made the request report on Venezuela's political crisis, in which he accused President Maduro's socialist government ...
12 months ago

Italy-Libya Deal on Migration ...

The EU is now working with Libyan authorities to make sure the migrants do not board rickety sloops and head into the unforgiving waters
1 year ago

Troops Surround Site as Ivory ...

Hundreds of soldiers converged on the home of a local official in Bouake, the country's second-largest city
1 year ago

Ivory Coast President Says Dea ...

But in an early sign not everyone was on board, mutineers in Bouake fired Kalashnikov rifles and other weapons again after Ouattara's announ ...
1 year ago

Soldiers Mutiny in Three Ivory ...

Defense Minister Alain Donwahi said discussions were under way with the soldiers, and he called on all troops to return to their barracks
1 year ago

Icebreaker Ship Preps for Trip

The voyage comes as the U.S. looks to replace and expand its aging fleet of polar icebreakers so it can maintain a presence in the most remo ...
1 year ago

Judge Orders Corruption Trial ...

Allegations center around Petrobras, the huge state-run oil company
1 year ago

Rescuers Recover 17 Bodies, Pi ...

The International Organization for Migration estimates so far this year 3,000 are dead or missing trying to reach the European Union by sea ...
2 years ago

Kerry of U.S. Asks Venezuela t ...

Kerry said that discussion would help facilitate a national dialogue in Venezuela
2 years ago

Venezuela Blasts OAS as Diplom ...

The Organization of American States is backing off its belligerent stance towards Venezuela
2 years ago

OAS Chief Moves Against Venezu ...

The Organization of American States will try to suspend Venezuela's membership over its "respect for democracy"
2 years ago

California U.S. Coast Guard Cr ...

Traffickers have increasingly been using the semi-submersible boats to move large amounts of cocaine because their low waterline profile mak ...
2 years ago

Ivory Coast: Extremists Kill 1 ...

Dozens of people were killed in the earlier attacks on West African tourist sites
2 years ago

Mexico Seals Records in Lop-Si ...

The quasi-independent agency rules the information should be kept as a state secret for five years