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NASA Astronaut to Bike Across ...

Cassidy is traversing the South American jungle with a team of environmental scientists as part of a documentary 3 months ago
56 Updates since March 4, 2016
3 months ago
3 months ago

NASA's Asteroid Chaser Swings ...

Osiris-Rex should reach the small, roundish asteroid next year and, in 2020, collect some of its gravel for return to Earth
3 months ago
3 months ago

Mars Research Subjects to Emer ...

The project is the fifth in a series of six NASA-funded studies at the University of Hawaii facility called the Hawaii Space Exploration Ana ...
3 months ago
3 months ago

Farewell Cassini: Saturn Space ...

Dutiful to the end, the Cassini snapped its last photos Thursday and sampled Saturn's atmosphere Friday morning as it made its final plunge
3 months ago
3 months ago

Goodbye Cassini: Saturn Spacec ...

Picardo set the words to the instantly recognizable aria "La Donna e mobile" from Verdi's "Rigoletto"
3 months ago
3 months ago

NASA's Saturn-Orbiting Cassini ...

"The book is not complete. There's more to come" from exploring the planets, Maize said. "But this has been a marvelous ride."
3 months ago
3 months ago

SpaceX Launches Air Force's Su ...

The unmanned Falcon rocket blasted off from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, as schools and businesses boarded up for Hurricane Irma
3 months ago
3 months ago

Trump Pick to Head NASA Faces ...

President Donald Trump has tapped Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma to oversee the space agency
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4 months ago

Space Superwoman Returning to ...

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson will have logged 665 days in space by the time she lands in Kazakhstan
4 months ago

Dream Chaser Spacecraft in Cap ...

The Dream Chaser is being developed to carry cargo to and from the International Space Station without a crew aboard
4 months ago

Private Companies Drive 'New S ...

NASA'S partnership with private companies is transforming Kennedy Space Center into a multiuser spaceport
4 months ago

Historic Eclipse Turns Day int ...

NASA reported 4.4 million people were watching its TV coverage midway through the eclipse
4 months ago

NASA Launches Last of Its Long ...

NASA has been launching TDRS satellites since 1983
4 months ago

July Ranks 2nd for Heat Global ...

Earlier this week, NASA calculated that July 2017 was a tad hotter than 2016
4 months ago

More Than Spectacle: Eclipses ...

Astronomers are going full blast to pry even more science from the mysterious ball of gas that's vital to Earth
5 months ago

Space Capsule with 3 Astronaut ...

NASA's Randy Bresnik, Russia's Sergei Ryazansky and Italy's Paolo Nespoli lifted off from the Russia-leased launch pad in Kazakhstan
5 months ago

Apollo 11 Bag Laced with Moon ...

Sotheby's declined to identify the seller
5 months ago

New Mexico Professor Seeks to ...

The Apollo 11 landing site at Tranquility Base, where humans stepped foot on the moon, should be named a National Historic landmark, said pr ...
5 months ago

NASA Communications Satellite ...

The accident occurred inside a payload processing building near Cape Canaveral, Florida, as the satellite was being packed for launch
5 months ago

Spacecraft Reveals Beauty of S ...

The craft's next close encounter with Jupiter will be in September
5 months ago

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Buzzing ...

The spacecraft flies directly above the monster storm Monday night, passing 5,600 miles above the cloud tops
6 months ago

NASA Telescope Finds 10 More P ...

Seven of the 10 newfound Earth-size planets circle stars that are just like ours
7 months ago

NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Strai ...

The space agency announced Wednesday that the red-hot mission would be named after Eugene Parker, professor emeritus at the University of Ch ...
7 months ago

Monstrous Cyclones Churning ov ...

NASA's Juno spacecraft spotted the chaotic weather at the top and bottom of Jupiter
7 months ago

Spacewalking Astronauts Pull o ...

Mission Control noted that the failure occurred only 2 days, 21 hours, 38 minutes earlier
8 months ago

Trump Signs $1 Trillion Spendi ...

Other budget battles lie ahead as the White House and Congress hammer out a spending plan for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1
8 months ago

Spacecraft Survives Unpreceden ...

"We are just ecstatic," project science engineer Jo Pitesky said by phone from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California
8 months ago

Spacecraft Flies Between Satur ...

Cassini was out of radio contact with Earth as it became the first spacecraft to enter the gap between Saturn and its rings
8 months ago

U.S., Russian Astronauts Reach ...

The two U.S. astronauts are scheduled to speak with President Donald Trump on Monday
8 months ago

China Launches its First Unman ...

China is currently planning a mission to land another rover on Mars and bring back samples, set to launch in 2020
8 months ago

Another Nearby Planet Found Th ...

It's the fifth such life-possible planet outside our solar system revealed in less than a year
8 months ago

Ocean World near Saturn Top Co ...

Cassini uncovered the hydrogen during its final close flyby of Enceladus in 2015
8 months ago

Computer Pioneer Robert W. Tay ...

Taylor's engineering team also helped develop the Ethernet and a word processing program that became Microsoft Word
8 months ago

Oman's Mountains May Hold Clue ...

They hope to answer the question of how the rocks managed to capture so much carbon over the course of 90 million years
8 months ago

NASA Astronaut and Two Russian ...

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and Russia's Sergei Ryzhikov and Andrei Borisenko touched down at 5:20 p.m. local time Monday
8 months ago

Second 'Great Spot' Found at J ...

A British-led team used a telescope in Chile to chart the temperature and density of Jupiter's atmosphere
9 months ago

By Jove! Jupiter Extra Close, ...

The Hubble Space Telescope zoomed in on the solar system giant Monday, and NASA released the pictures Thursday
9 months ago

NASA Spacecraft Halfway Betwee ...

With another 466 million miles (750 million kilometers) remaining, New Horizons will go into a five-month hibernation later this week
9 months ago

SpaceX Launches its First Recy ...

The Falcon 9 blasted off from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, hoisting a broadcasting satellite into the clear early evening sky on the hist ...
10 months ago

Seven Earth-Size Worlds Found ...

They all appear to be tidally locked, which means the same side continually faces the star, just like the same side of our moon always faces ...
10 months ago

SpaceX Aborts Approach to Spac ...

SpaceX's supply ship, the Dragon, was less than a mile from the orbiting outpost when a problem cropped up in the GPS system
11 months ago

NASA Study in Hawaii Paving wa ...

The six scientists enter their new home Thursday on the Big Island's Mauna Loa volcano for an eight-month stay
1 year ago

Most Advanced Weather Satellit ...

This new GOES-R spacecraft will track U.S. weather as never before: hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, volcanic ash clouds, wildfires, lightni ...
1 year ago

Pluto's Frozen Heart May Hide ...

These latest findings are based on observations by NASA's New Horizons, which made an unprecedented flyby of Pluto last year
1 year ago

Soyuz Space Capsule Returns to ...

The landing took place Sunday morning near Dzhezkazgan on the treeless Central Asian steppes
1 year ago

Spacecraft Sends Last Bits of ...

The sequence of shots of Pluto and its big moon, Charon, took more than five hours for to reach Mission Control in Maryland from New Horizo ...
1 year ago

Space Station Accepts First Vi ...

Once the Cygnus capsule is unloaded, it will be filled with trash and set loose to burn up in the atmosphere in mid-November
1 year ago

Hubble Spots Evidence of Water ...

Life is found everywhere on Earth where there is water, energy and nutrients
1 year ago

Mexico's Economic Growth Slowi ...

While the government has attempted to implement strategic reforms and increase public spending to stimulate the economy, there have been lit ...
1 year ago

Jupiter has New Visitor: a Sol ...

Juno braved a hostile radiation environment to reach Jupiter
2 years ago

Little Mercury a Black Dot as ...

NASA warned spectators to use high-powered binoculars or telescopes equipped with special filters to protect their eyes from the glaring sun
2 years ago

SpaceX Targets 2018 for First ...

SpaceX's first target date for an unmanned mission to Mars strengthens founder Elon Musk's goal of flying people to other planets
2 years ago

Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew Two ...

But NASA is more interested in changes to space travelers' bodies that we can't see
2 years ago

Easter Delivery: Cargo Ship Ar ...

First of three shipments of food and experiments received at the ISS
2 years ago

Year-in-Space Astronaut Hangs ...

Celebrity astronaut leaves NASA and prepares to rediscover life on earth