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  • Tomás Boy Suspended Two Games by Disciplinary Commission

  • Mexican Football Federation Disciplinary Committee hands down disciplinary action to players

51003094. México, 2 Oct. 2015 (Notimex- Michel Trevilla).- Tomás Boy, fue presentados como nuevo técnico del Cruz Azul.NOTIMEX/FOTO/MICHEL TREVILLA/COR/SPO,

22 of February 2016 17:04:07

After his celebrations in front of the América bench, after Cruz Azul tied at three goals, manager Tomás Boy was penalized two games by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) Disciplinary Committee.

Boy received the punishment "for celebrating goals with a rude attitude, gestures or jokes, or in a downright unsportsmanlike manner.”

Also, “La Máquina” midfielder Gerardo Torrado was suspended one game “for using offensive verbal or body language, insulting and/or abusive gestures of the same nature.”

Two Club América players, Oribe Peralta and Carlos Darwin Quintero, were "guilty of serious foul play.”

Similarly, Yerson Candelo of Querétaro, and Gerardo Flores of Toluca, were sanctioned for one match "for receiving a second warning in the same match" were sanctioned with a match .

Finally, Rodrigo Salinas of Atlas was also punished “for accumulated five warnings in the same tournament."


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