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The News – Capital Media
  • ChivasTV Won't Charge for the Whole of Next Season

  • The decision comes after thousands of complaints and a multi-million fine from Profeco

, photo: Fernando Carranza García/Cuartoscuro

30 of November 2016 14:03:02

It wasn’t the best start for ChivasTV. The Guadalajara team’s platform ended its first season with many problems, including the team being eliminated from a tournament by América and a multi-million peso fine.Mexico's Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) fined ChivasTV more than 5 million pesos ($243,320) for multiple errors during the regular season, as well as unilateral consumer contract changes. The faults in both its platform and that of Cinépolis Klic during the clásico game against América in the recent quarter final, could represent further fines for the service.Due to these recent troubles, José Luis Higuera, CEO of Group Omnilife-Chivas, has suggested that next season ChivasTV will not charge its subscribers for an entire season.


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