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Antonio Navalón
Antonio Navalón The Price of Independence The role of the independent candidates in Mexico is linked to the fact that it is no longer possible to live with the stench of the corruption of the traditional political parties
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When a country is in crisis and when a system collapses, the last to know are always responsible for the country and the system.

In moments of despair, it is relatively easy to launch a candidacy. It is difficult to maintain it, but it is impossible — if you win — not to disappoint those who elected you.

People are full of what we call humanity, which has served to justify why we don’t do what we should and why we fail so much.

In that sense, it amazes me that in Mexico we continue to play that game where, if nothing happens in politics, nothing happens in society. Although that is a lie, because everything is happening both in politics and in society.

For that reason, the market of independent candidates is very curious, because the system is not only made up of deputies, senators, secretaries and the president, but of anyone else who has power in a given country.

The role of the independent candidates in Mexico is linked, on one hand, to the fact that it is no longer possible to live with the stench of the corruption of the traditional political parties. And on the other hand, it is linked to the need to learn that politicians are not the only persons responsible, since they are part of a circus in which everyone does what he must in the national comedy.

And, if what the political parties are already doing is terrible, can you imagine what will happen with the independent candidates? Who will pay for their campaigns? Where will that money come from?

The problem of the independent candidates is like the problem of justice. It is not enough to have an organism that regulates them, but it is also necessary to have correction methods that prevent anyone of threatening or buying a judge.

And we can’t even say anything about the prosecutors, because about that tragedy that shames us all in Iguala, Guerrero, we are still discussing whether it was possible or not to burn those bodies in the landfill. And almost eighteen months after the enforced disappearances we still don’t know anything. Do we need further proof of the impunity and neglect that permeate the system?

We must not be confused. It is one thing to have an internet portal where we can issue complaints and another is to have that portal be something more than a set of discordant voices.

Meanwhile, I don’t know what is worse: If being in the hands of the devil we know or end up being a country colonized directly by those who can buy a presidency.

And in this country, the father of the independent candidates is Jorge Castañeda, but what he never explained is who paid the bill.

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