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Antonio Navalón
Antonio Navalón All For A Chair To bring foreign investment to the country is, has been and will be very important, and to take account of the conditions under which we bring that investment is the duty of all of us to know what governments do with that money
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All who are in power should know that by each passing day, not only are they weaker, but the guillotine of accountability moves toward them.

To bring foreign investment to the country is, has been and will be very important. And in that regard, to take account of the conditions under which we bring that investment is the duty of all of us — those who pay taxes to this State — to know what governments do with that money.

Because these in accounts there is a limit to normal error, and one generated by the shameful conduct of politics.

Once upon a time a an Economy Secretary named Ildefonso Guajardo dreamed at night of becoming governor of Nuevo León, and every day thought, why not me?

However, he knew very little who he had to appoint and exercise the right to error, that is, his party colleague and former governor of Nuevo León, Rodrigo Medina.

But while that process was defined, Secretary Guajardo gave 29 billion pesos to the Korean automaker Kia Motors that was to established Nuevo León. That’s a big investment and what is essential is that being so close to the largest market in the world, you pay 50% of your investment, which can translate into the best way to negotiate with the assets of our grandchildren.

Is Kia important for Nuevo León and for Mexico? No doubt it is. But I think it’s more important to know what will be price.

I will not go into stating who became rich, and speculated with confidential information the lands that were designated for that investment, since already I consider it part of human weaknesses that they mortgage our country daily.

But what even I highlight is that the political immorality that is given continually, and to pull the president toward a battle to attain the governor’s armchair, undoubtedly requires a payment.

In this context, the Kia investment and the consequences it brings, now that the people spoke and elected a “Bronco” as governor, also will need an explanation.

Finally, in the short term, once the 50% is lost of what Guajardo gave, Kia Motors will be installed in Mexico, a situation that should mean a huge lesson for the appointment of our leaders to not end up mortgaging our future.

Meanwhile Rodrigo Medina brought investment to his state. The problem is that between royal games and the rest of us Mexicans going to pay for what  would be the private electoral campaign of an Economy Secretary with aspirations to be governor.

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