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  • World Bicycle Day: Senators Call for Safer Streets for Cyclists

  • Bicycle use is rising in Mexico City, but safety not so much

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19 of April 2016 18:30:19

MEXICO CITY – In Mexico City, a significant investment does not exist for non-motorized mobility and citizens who use bicycles are in constant danger on the streets of the capital, said Senator Jesús Casillas Romero.During the inauguration of the exhibition bicycles motivated by World Bicycle Day, held April 19, the official said. Since the Senate is working to "plug the gaps" that prevail regarding cyclist insecurity and spaces for users of this means of transportation."There has not been significant investment for non-motorized mobility. Efforts have increased the use of bicycles, as in Guadalajara or in this city, or having bicycle programs in Toluca, and people have come to accept it but no specific places where you can bring your bike without endangering your life." Casillas Romero said.During her speech, Senator Mariana Gómez del Campo said that the new City Transit regulation has not given more weight to the issue of use, safety and spaces for bicycles.[caption id="attachment_13556" align="alignright" width="300"]CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 19ABRIL2016.- Los senadores Javier Lózano, Mariana Gómez del Campo, Zoé Robledo y Jesús Casillas se dieron una vuelta en bicicleta en la explanada del Senado en el marco de la inauguración del Día Mundial de la Bicicleta, además de que se monto la Expo Bici.  FOTO: MOISÉS PABLO /CUARTOSCURO.COM Senators Javier Lózano, Mariana Gómez del Campo, Zoé Robledo and Jesús Casillas rode around cycling on the esplanade of the Senate as part of the inaugural World Bicycle Day. Photo: Moisés Pablo/Cuartoscuro[/caption]Senators Javier Lozano, Mariana Gómez del Campo, Zoé Robledo and Jesus Casillas occurred around cycling on the esplanade of the Senate as part of the inaugural World Bicycle Day, plus the amount Expo bike."I regret that the new rules you have been provided very little safe space, and barely speaks of bicycle users," she said.Senator Ismael Hernández referred to the benefits bicycles provide and saying that it is a clean mobility and added that it should be considered required to find in society the possibility of appropriate equipment in the streets, to allow biking freely, fully and safely. "The bicycle is above the debate," he added.The exhibition was mounted Tuesday at the Patio del Federalismo, of the new headquarters of the Senate, and will continue until next Thursday, during which seven companies offer bicycles that cater to every need and wallet.According to the Environmental Secretariat (Semaren) in the capital, the number of cyclists in Mexico City has doubled in the last 10 years to reach almost 500,000 users and one million daily trips.And for people who use this means of sustainable transport, since last April 17 cycling routes are available in Mexico City in Google Maps, as an alternative to the new temporary program Hoy no Circula, which even includes new cars stop running. Mexico estimates that at least 100,000 people use the bike every day.

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