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Veracruz Calls on Federal Government to Respond to Deaths of Priests

Following the events they demanded federal intervention to help support the police force in Veracruz

Governor-elect of Veracruz Miguel Ángel Yunes during the inauguration of the plenary session of the PRD on Aug. 26, photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez
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1 year ago

Veracruz Governor-elect Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares and deputies of different parties condemned the deaths of Catholic priests in the state of Veracruz at the hands of organized crime that occurred last night, and demanded federal intervention to help support the police force in Veracruz.

Yunez Linares said that it is necessary that the federal government designate a commissioner to assume control of the local police due to the wave of murders and kidnappings that has been occurring.

“What I suggest is that the federal government take control of police forces in Veracruz through a commission, at least temporarily — from now until Duarte leaves in 70 days,” he said.  

Speaking before the Chamber of Deputies, Yunes Linares proclaimed that the state of Veracruz is currently in a state of emergency. He had already sent three letters to President Enrique Peña Nieto requesting intervention in Veracruz due to the wave of deaths that have been occurring on a daily basis in the state.

Vice coordinator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Chamber of Deputies Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín lamented the rise in violence and asked the federal government to continue their support.

“The increase in violence in Veracruz does not appear to have a solution. It has been increasing, and although it is not intentional, it is partly due to the lack of government coordination,” he said. “It is fundamental that the federal government does not ignore the current events in Veracruz; it is very important to maintain order in the state. Especially in the face of violence that was committed against people who only work to aid others. This demonstrates the level of cruelty.”

Francisco Martínez Neri, leader of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in the Chamber of Deputies, urged the federation to respond swiftly and not leave local authorities on their own since they have already been torn to shreds by organized crime.

“It is a situation that must be stopped, it is necessary for the federal government to be accountable. What has happened in the last 24 hours in Veracruz is incredibly grave,” said Neri. “Religious leaders being killed — it appears that this disaster has no end.”


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