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  • UAEM to Offer Arboriculture Degree

  • The alumni of this degree will have a wide field of variety in the labor market because they are trained to carry out surveys of woodlands

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico will offer the career of Superior University Technician in Arboriculture, photo: Pixnio

21 of June 2017 15:39:22

Toluca, México – The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) will offer a Superior University Technician in Arboriculture degree. The graduates will be experts in the management of trees and everything that relates to them like their physiology, nutrition, proper pruning and of course pest and disease management.

The academic deputy director of the Agricultural Sciences Department, Omar Franco Mora, added that those in this career know where the best place to plant a tree and know about plant management and environment. He also said that although there are people dedicated to related subjects, the urban tree has not been studied until now.

The course-load is meant to be done in two years, during which students will acquire knowledge about chemistry, plant physiology, nutrition, pest and disease management and garden design, but also things like dendrometry, which relates to the study of the shape and dimensions of the tree.

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