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  • UAEM Against Trump’s Politics on Segregation, Discrimination and Racism

  • Rector Olvera García spoke out loud and rejected the message of xenophobia and intolerance of the US president towards the Latin American peoples

Jorge Olvera García speaks during the meeting, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

30 of January 2017 15:43:57

Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Rector Jorge Olvera García said that the UAEM community supports solidarity, humanism and collaboration between nations, and “does not share U.S. President Trump executive’s orders on segregation, discrimination and racism.”As part of the last day of activities of the second edition of the Motor Show: Art and Culture, Olvera García spoke against Trump's message of xenophobia and intolerance towards the Latin American peoples, mainly towards Mexico, and called for tolerance, the promotion of respect for human dignity and harmony between peoples.“UAEM students are respectful of the opinions expressed by everyone, as long as they do not damage or violate the dignity and rights of individuals, peoples and nations”, he said.During the closure of the second edition of the Motor Show, the UAEM informed that the funds raised at this exhibition will be destined to the delivery of scholarships for the benefit of an increasing number of students, mainly of scarce resources. With the raised funds, Mexican young people will continue with their studies and could participate in programs of international academic mobility.

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