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  • Turtle Center to Be Strengthened

  • Mexican Turtle Center (CMT) will be strengthened to continue fulfilling its mission


24 of February 2016 16:12:13

MARICELA BASTIDAThe NewsAs the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa) a week ago that sea turtles in Oaxaca died due to brain illnesses, this Wednesday the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas informed that it is working on a strategy to strengthen the Mexican Turtle Center (CMT), which receives over 40,000 visitors from Mexico and the world.The National Commission for Protected Natural Areas detailed that this remodelling includes identifying various sources of financing, despite more than 40 million being invested in the center over the last years.The Mexican Turtle Center was created in 1991 and has the goal of spreading information on the importancia of sea turtles and preservation actions taken in Mexico.It also has functions of monitoring, rehabilitation and releasing of various types of marine turtles.In the nesting beaches operated by the center, over 30 million young ridley turtles are released every year, amounting to 90 percent of the those protected each year.Six out of seven turtle species of sea turtles inhabit Mexican territorial waters, and have continued dying despite the country decreeing their absolute protection since 1990.

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