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  • Student Death at UNAM

  • University surveillance personnel found the student's lifeless body next to the library around 10 p.m. Monday

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13 of June 2017 14:44:47

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) dentistry student Victor Manuel Orihuela Rojas, 18, died on Monday after falling from the second or third floor of the Philosophy and Literature Department building.University surveillance personnel found the student's lifeless body next to the Central Library around 10 p.m. Monday.UNAM security immediately notified the public prosecutor's office, who transferred the body to authorities in Coyoacán Prosecuting Office.As soon as the identity of the young person was known, authorities at the Dentistry Department communicated with the student's family, who are being provided with necessary legal and emotional support.UNAM sends its condolences to the Rojas family.This is the third body found on UNAM's campus in the last two months.

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