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  • Robbers of Radioactive Material Arrested

  • The van containing radioactive material is still missing after being sold in the State of Mexico

Querétaro Attorney General Alejandro Echeverría said they would seek assistance to recover the dangerous material. Photp: Notimex.,

07 of March 2016 17:38:37

Querétaro Attorney General Alejandro Echeverría confirmed the arrest of the two alleged perpetrators of the theft of a van containing radioactive material. The vehicle containing iridium-192, however, is still missing.

"Those responsible for the theft of the van containing radioactive material have been detained, these individuals sold the vehicle to others in the State of Mexico."-Alejandro Echeverría. Querétaro Attorney General.
The state official declared that they would ask the support of State of Mexico authorities to find the radioactive material.According to the Interior Secretariat (Segob), the robbery took place las February the 27th when the radioactive material was being transported in a van in the municipality of San Juan del Río.[caption id="attachment_4376" align="alignleft" width="300"]Segob warned go the dangers of removing the radioactive material from its container. Photo: Notimex. Segob warned go the dangers of removing the radioactive material from its container. Photo: Notimex.[/caption]The vehicle belongs to the company Central Industrial Maintenance, while the equipment containing the material is the property of the brand Qsa Global.According to Segob's Civil Protection Department, removal of the radioactive material from its container can cause serious and permanent lesions in whoever handles it.

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