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  • Prison Population to be Protected Against Influenza and Pneumococcus

  • Mexico City's Penitentiary System is working in coordination with the Health Secretariat

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02 of March 2016 12:48:05

The application of vaccines against influenza and pneumococcus in the prisons and social readjustment centers for adolescents of Mexico City will end on Friday and will cover the entire prison population, some 36,000 inmates.[caption id="attachment_3268" align="alignleft" width="300"]reclusorio The Health Secretariat aims to maintain optimal health conditions for all inmates. Photo: Youtube.[/caption]Antonio Hazael Ruiz Ortega, sub secretary of the Mexico City’s Penitentiary System, said in a statement that staff of the local Health Secretariat is still applying vaccines in the south Preventive Male Detention Center.“We are working in coordination with the Department of Medical and Legal Services in Prisons of the Health Secretariat, which allows us to maintain optimal health conditions for all inmates. The entire prison population of Mexico City will be protected during this season of diseases by Friday,” said Ruiz Ortega.

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