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  • PAN Espionage Victim Gil Zuarth Seeks Justice

  • Roberto Gil Zuarth's phone was infected with malware during his time in the National Anticorruption System

Senator Roberto Gil Zuarth during a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico, February 2, 2017. photo: Cuartoscuro/Moisés Pablo, photo: Cuartoscuro/Moisés Pablo

30 of June 2017 15:27:10

National Action Party (PAN) Senator Roberto Gil Zuarth filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office, for alleged espionage by the government through the Pegasus malware.University of Toronto's Citizen Lab confirmed that Gil Zuarth's cellphone was infected sometime between June 15 and 16  of 2016, during Gil Zuarth's term as president of the Chamber of Deputies, and his involvement in the National Anticorruption System.Gil Zuarth said that his citizen rights were violated and that Pegasus is used in Mexico by some federal agencies and local governments.

"It's unjustifiable that the federal government or any type of government for that matter has access to espionage tools that allows them to spy on individuals. It amounts to organized crime and should carry a prison sentence," said Gil Zuarth.Gil Zuarth said that he will demand an international investigation, that he has asked the  Dual-Chamber National Security Commission of Congress for an inquiry into the purchase and use of Pegasus and that he will ask the Senate to pass a law to regulate such tools and to punish those who abuse them

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