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  • Olvera García Presents Book 'Words that Transform'

  • “I will never experience anything like this in my lifetime,” said Olvera García

Jorge Olvera García presents his book “Words that Transform”, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

19 of May 2017 15:09:51

In what was practically a farewell event to his time as the rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Jorge Olvera García presented the book he wrote, "2013-2017 Speeches, Words that Transform," in which he asks for help in the fight for books and culture. He paraphrased the words of Adolfo López Mateos’s “I’ll give my life for the UAEM.” He thanks and recognized the people who helped him and helped the university community and highlighted their work during the 31 years he was with the UAEM.

Olvera García spoke about how "to honor the word" and how speeches and the art of speech making influence and transform the world while giving substance to politics.

The book, which contains 1,216 pages and 4 volumes divided into themes, shares ideas of ​​the university, the defense of autonomy, the respect for research, an affinity for sports, a passion for art and a love towards the youth.

Olvera García called himself a protector of the freedom of speech and spoke of the emergence of mobile devices and how they must fight for books and culture. “Now, more than ever, our fight should be with books and culture, as an educated people will always be a free people.”


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